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High Availability for AIXKilltest Technical Support and Administration

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Test information:

Number of questions: 78

Time allowed in minutes: 120

Required passing score: 56%

Test languages: English

Note: There are 78 scored items and 3 unscored items.


Above is the test information of 000-102 Exam High Availability for AIX- Technical Support and Adminstrationwhich comes from the offical site , and now with our material which can help you pass the exam 100% , the material of this exam there are 81 Questions and Answers which cover all questions and answers that you will meet in the real exam .




An administrator wants to install Web SMIT on a node that is not part of a cluster. Which PowerHA


provides this function?

A. cluster.sysmgt.wsm

B. cluster.es.client.wsm

C. cluster.es.server.websm

D. cluster.sysmgt.websm.rte

Answer: B

A customer has a resource group rg1 configured on a two node cluster with the following policies:

The customer has observed the following scenarios as nodes join the cluster during cluster start up.

Scenario 1

Node1 joins cluster as first node - rg1 is acquired by Node1

Node2 joins cluster as second node - rg1 is moved from Node1 to Node2

Scenario 2

Node2 joins cluster as first node - rg1 is acquired by Node2

Node1 joins cluster as second node - rg1 remains on Node2

Which of the following is the reason for this behavior?

A. rg1 is configured with a delayed fallback timer

B. Settling time policy has not been configured for rg1

C. Node1 does not have sufficient resources to support rg1

D. Node2 is the first in the 'Default Node Priority' list for resource group rg1

Answer: D



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