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Mohan Bikram Thapa


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Pressure for survival harsh but now luv the struggle

Hell ya its hard but hungry stomach hurts

Haven't slept, its been week

Crack sore lips, and it burns

I'm in lot of pain

Hard to speak even a single word

Nothing but pain

what would a young life worth?

Hope we find someway to kick it

Addicted to money, watch for 'em

life's nothing but a tricky game

Trying to earn every little penny

Selling your soul, insanity

Humanity flush down the drain

It hurts, if u'r poor that is worst

Nothin but lies

tears real, why sounds unreal

Ripped my heart, so I feel no pain

Don't follow that road

Some fools might blast you

Body full of bullet holes, lying on the street

while the whole block staring

Another young life on run, immature to understand

Fear cloaked in courage

Wasn't the smater one, devil with human face

Following me round the clock

Nothing but emptiness

Stereotypes trying to judge me from the way i look

Strange feeling grips me on

All these racist faces looking jealous

Mislead hate is spit on innocent graves

Wonder things every change

Shiny blades in and out

uncountable pieces of heart

One bullet on brain, he is gone

I wonder if they ever stop

Watch out for era of obsession for fame

driving everyone insane, its a shame

Fear for change, doubtfull of happiness

More and more of selfishness

Unsure 'bout future just a blink of hope

I was told humans the smarter ones

people change with times

but times way faster then out thoughts

Still everybody grieves but nobody sees

Pretending to be what u'r not

thou we shed tears making promises for tomorrow

break 'em as soon as the day falls

Noone else but we tend to follow an unseen god

but If we ever loose a faith on god

who do we believe in??

but looks like we don't even believe in god

coz' we'r living in sin.

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