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GI Joe and the Rise of Cobra Movie Review

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When I watch a movie, I have a personal checklist that I use to rate the movie. I rate a movie based on its protagonist, antagonist, character development, plot, and acting. Protagonist The main group of protagonist characters are the "Joes," the main one being Duke (Channing Tatum). Duke is a normal American soldier that is charged with the mission of protecting a convoy of state of the art nano missile warheads. Of course, the convoy goes bad and is attacked by a futuristic hovercraft that destroys two helicopters and three armored hummers. Channing Tatum's acting in this scene and the previous scene and the very next scene is absolutely horrible. His whole "I'm a soldier because I want to shoot up the bad guys" demeanor was very childish and it was obvious that they were trying to cater to a young crowd obsessed with killing and explosions.


Channing was acting for the movie instead of acting how a soldier in his position should be acting when he is confronted with a superior officer and a squad of superior soldiers. Antagonist The antagonists are even more goofy than the protagonist. Soldiers in body armor that can repel .50 cal bullets, complete with impenetrable skull helmets and "alien" type weapons. In the movie, the two biggest antagonists that you actually see are Storm Shadow (Byung-Hun Lee) and Anna/Baroness (Sienna Miller), a ninja and a woman in tight clothes that has a plasma pistol with more power than a rocket launcher. The overbearing CGI did not help to make believable these obviously rediculous characters. In reference to the ninjas, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, does being trained in a dojo somewhere in Asia mean that when you're an adult you can run as fast as a car and do "the matrix" to dodge explosions and flying cars? The antagonist crew comes complete with a mad scientist (Cobra) who has no end to ideas of torturing people for "research." (Nazi regime anyone?) What I believe to be the biggest failure of the movie was the antagonists.



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