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VoicePass™ Service Plan for Residential and Home User

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:rolleyes: VoicePass™ Service Plan for Residential and Home User


VoicePass™ is new kind of service specially for bypassing VoIP blocking imposed by ISP for residential and home user. It allows subscriber to use VoIP freely in blockage region such as Middle East and Africa without compromising of voice quality. Outgoing and incoming call is always available dependent upon what ITSP or service provider supplies. With VoicePass™ subscription, zero configuration setup is at your finger. What you do only is to enjoy cheap VoIP rate and crystal voice. 24x7 support assures communication anytime and anywhere.




Key benefits:


Work with any ITSP and service provider


Minimal overhead and crystal voice quality

Easy-to-use and cost-effective

Zero configuration setup

Surpass conventional VPN scenario


Regarding comparison between VoicePass™ and VPN, please refer to








Email: cindy@speed-voip.com


MSN: svoipsalessilver@hotmail.com


Yahoo: svoipsilver


Skype: svoipsalessilver




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