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Advice needed.

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Ok so i finish my HND next week and i was in a Print shop today getting my final designs done for a show. So im talking to the printer guy and he asks me about doing some work for him.


I tought great, i have no real world exp, so this is perfect.


Ok so i ask him, "what sort of work". He relpys, "just some take away menus, and a business card here and there. So i was like, "well yea, il clean floors if you want".


Then he talks money, well for a menu, which he reckons will take about 5 hours max, would be the same as 2 hours work in McDonalds, and the business cards even less.


So now i am dumfounded but still intrested in the work "slave labour" because i have no real world exp and it will give me contacts to build on.


If you were in the same postion, would you do the work and not worry that its paying buttons?




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I would not do that job, if the work cost you 5 hours and will get money quivalent to what you get in 2 hour at Mac, then it is **** job, don't do it man.

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