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Exposure: Influence or NEED ?

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You can see nepali models shedding off their clothes and posing very questionable gestures during photo session. You love to browse www.fotosansar.com, cynepal, during tea breaks in your office laptop, but have you ever thought. WHY these TEENAGERS are exposing like some whore or slut - IS IT WESTERN INFLUENCE OR NEED ?


According to one story which I heard from one of the nepali models posing who posed for CYBERSANSAR.COM, she didn't even know when such obsence pictures were shot during the photo session. The photographer told her it was just reharsal so can try different poses, but during some of her poses (HOT) which she was doing for fun NOT FOR CAMERA the camera clicked and were later posted on the website. SHE WAS PAID MERE Rs. 1500 for 3 hours shoot.


Modeling industry is pretty DULL in KTM. Almost 50% has been occupied by so called call girls and remaining 50% are also turning into them either by their innocence, or by NEED !


According to Baby Thapa (Cybersansar Model); Unless you give some meaty shots, you wont be having any meat for the day !



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