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Georgia Jokes

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nice joke Gene.


I think original poster was from country of Georgia, however guy answered assuming that question is about state of Georgia.


Current president of Georgia is big con man who play media monkey game. He initially said Russian took over whole country apart from Capital, while russian were not even inside Georgia. He captured power by not election but invading presidental palace and kicking president. Since he is working for CIA, American will help him until he die, however he put his country into uncertain future, broke country into pieces, and made his country potential battle ground for third world war which may turn his country into ashes. No country in the world dare to fight direct with Russia, he should have thought peaceful solution or at least not make Russia angry. He will only make his country gineapig, of course himself is geneapig so who care.


Surprisingly, he still have some followers, just like Girija Parasad of Nepal has, coz there are always some fool that you can buy or fooled.

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