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Announcement: MSc in Tropical and International Forestry (TIF) at the

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"Netra Bhandari"





MSc in Tropical and International Forestry (TIF) at the Faculty of

Forestry, Georg-August University, Germany


The MSc program is a 2-year internationally recognized program with a main

goal to train experts for the sustainable management of forests worldwide.

Because of the decades of experience collected at the Faculty of Forestry,

the main focus is on tropical and subtropical forests. However, most of

the acquired knowledge and management skills can be used in any country of

the world.


The main target groups for this MSc program are German and international

students who are interested in pursuing a professional career in the

following areas: international research and development organizations;

developing countries; or institutions, both in Germany and abroad, that

specialize in international aspects of forestry. The Curriculum is focused

on the needs of students from all over the world who want to specialize in

this area. We also welcome international students who have already gained

professional experience in their home country and who wish to specialize

in the field of tropical and international forestry.


The program includes a range of different teaching methods. Besides

‘traditional’ lectures, field work and excursions are part of the

curriculum, during which teaching is done in small groups. Some of the

modules consist of seminars where the students are required to give a

presentation on a specific subject; the subject is then discussed with the

whole group. We consider the interdisciplinary project a very innovative

educational method. During the project, the students work as a team on a

forestry related problem with a focus from different disciplines. Students

have the choice between a project outside Germany or within Germany. In

the projects abroad we have worked on real life problems in cooperation

with DED or GTZ programs. The project in Germany is designed for foreign

students and focuses on sustainable forest management as practiced in

Germany. Students will get hands-on experience on what the effects are of

a forestry-related intervention.


Experience has shown that personal and professional contact made during

this MSc program is an excellent way to your own professional network. The

international Alumni activities are handled by the Centre for Tropical and

Subtropical Agriculture and Forestry http://www.uni-goettingen.de/en/sh/24288.html> with Alumni networks http://www.alumni-network.de/> covering

South-East-Asia, the Egypt-Arab-Region, Iran and neighboring countries,

and Latin America .



Application Deadline: August 31, 2008 (At the respective German Embassies

in candidates’ countries), or September 30, 2008 (for the direct

submission to the University of Goettingen).


Scholarship: 7-8 scholarships are available each year for the candidates

from the developing countries particularly from the tropics and



For the detail information concerning requirements, and application

process, please refer: http://www.uni-goettingen.de/en/73437.html


Contact address: Prof. Dr. Ralph Mitloehner, Institute of Silviculture,

Sect. II: Tropical Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry, Georg-August

University Goettingen, Buesgenweg 1, 37077 Goettingen, Germany. E-mail:


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