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WCL Division 5

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Hi people!! How're you all good fellows doing? It's good to see WNSO is reviving, however; nobody seems interested in sport talk?? Who was the last one posting in this section? It's me, on March 14. Hehe!!!


Anyway, I am not in mood to joke...coz' I am really displeased with the news that Nepal failed to position itself in WCL Division 4, a way to Cricket World Cup 2011. But sometimes, I feel we deserved what we are. With such a fragile batting lineup, how could we deserve to be in the stage of power and pressure? No way!! We need to prove ourselves in every areas of cricket before we start to dream like that.


Bowlers are of high class as usual. Mahboob Alam's all 10 wickets against minnow Mozambique showed the world how fantastic our bowler can bowl. No team can score above 150 against us, not even the champ Afghanistan. But batting lets us down. We can't chase the small score of 146 to win against Afghanistan in semi. If we could have won that match, we would have been celebrating our position in WCL division 4. But, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!


I don't know what's in mind of our so called CAN. This organisation is nothing but a useless s**t. The players are not given enough practice before going to such a huge competition. The domestic cricket competition is flop, as we can't get players who can actually bat. I think there's a need of change...!!! I hope we can commercialize cricket in nepal, like football. Then only we can fulfill our dream. See ya later.

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One day, a bowler makes a world record and the other day, we can't even chase a target of 146 against Afghanistan..... Afghanistan is a war-torn country and still it is coming so much ahead in sports, as in any other field. But Nepal, we are oing downhill...... What is CAN doing? Commission-tantra ..


I think it's a good idea to commercialise cricket in nepal as football. In fact, we should leave football and promote cricket. Football maa ta kehi aas chhaina.... cricket maa ta ali ali bhaye pani aas chha ni..... ki kaso?

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KA....pakistan le 45 goal khako raicha....football nai arkai khali football raicha.......

35 ta aati bho bhanera....maile LINK samet khoje....la aru haru pani click hani dinus.....35 goal..chakkai ni..










Asian Championship in India: First-ever matches for Pakistan and Nepal

Wednesday, 04 June 2008

The opening ceremony of the 2nd Asian Championship was orchestrated today by the former president of the AOKF M. C. Gupta.

The mayor of the home town Jaipur was one of the speakers who welcomed the 7 participating countries.


He was then encouraged to try his chance to score a korfball goal in which he succeeded after his third attempt.


Many spectators saw India enjoy their first win against Korea. The difference in height was one of the reasons for the Indian domination with play around the korf being dominated by the home team.


There was an excellent performance in this game from the referee and his assistant both from Hong Kong.


The team from Nepal also proved to be a formidable opponent and showed that they are well on the way to developing a good understanding of the game of korfball in their match again the more experience Hong Kong. Their athletic players promise to give other newcomers strong competition and Hong Kong proved to be progressing well.


Chinese Taipei showed their composure and athleticism against their less experienced opponents from Pakistan. Pakistan was playing its first official match against Chinese Taipei, one of the favorites for the title. Although the result was predictable beforehand, the spectators enjoyed the first Pakistan goal which was very spectacular. During the game Pakistan gladly took advantage of the free space they were offered from their opponents to score 11 goals.




Pool A


Chinese Taipei








Pool B




Hong Kong








Results first day


Chinese Taipei - Pakistan 45-11


India - Korea 37-5


Hong Kong - Nepal 35-7



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