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A detail Report Title Interaction Workshop on Indoor Air Pollution and

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As an approach to let young students and volunteers being aware about the environmental and health issues, WNSO-Nepal has hosted this workshop supported by Indoor air Pollution and Health forum.


Mr, Jagganath Kharel, general secretary of WNSO-Nepal started the session by welcoming all the volunteers, interested students from University and colleges, and Experts and other guest, Mr. Kharel brief about the objectives of Program and its various dimension. He mentioned about WNSO-Nepal approach approaches especially for children, Youth, volunteerism, education and nation building. Mr Sanjeeb Sangroula, Executive Member of WNSO-Nepal presented about WNSO-Nepal history, its activities in the past and the various projects undertaken by WNSO-Nepal in the Present and also about its future planning with special emphasis to Capacity Building and youth Leadership .

The one day program moved into the subject issue, Dr Sunil Kumar Joshi, President from WNSO-Nepal presented a base line information Nepalese population and indoor air quality status. Also the presentation showed high risk in health due to the ignition of biomass in the Kitchen. Nepalese rural families, more percent of married females are suffering from Respiratory diseases. The presentation also highlighted on its effects on childrens, smoker’s non-smokers and non-smokers adults comparatively.


The session of Mr. Han Heijen, Advisor of environmental health, World Health Organization, (WHO-Nepal) lighted the WHO-Nepal’s activities and its aims and objectives. Moving into the technicalities he introduces the issue of indoor Air quality, its monitoring, situation in Nepal and some mitigation measures. The improved quality on cooking system, proper use of house-construction materials, proper ventilation and many easy –measures answers for the issue.


Mr . Min Bikram Malla, Program officer from Practical Action, lighted about National policies on indoor air pollution reduction and minimization. He introduced the issue of Appropriate Technology in every sectors of development. The organization has been involved in up-liftment through rural aspects and some innovative appropriate technology. His presentation was focused on the areas of Indoor air Pollution, its sources and harsh effects. He introduced an alternative fuel source for Nepalese homes which is economically feasible. The biogas is the answer which not only reduces health effects but also improves the livelihood and creates the economic opportunities. Basically Solid fuels should not be used in respect to health and economic prosperity. Due to certain circumstances, the improved cooking system should be introduced for instance. But for long term vision he emphasizes clear energy use.




Vicious Circle to be intervened by some new technologies





He emphasized translocation of traditional cooking stoves by cleaner means.

He also focused on use of appropriate technology through financial and domestic trade activities.

Pm10: WHO standard 50mg /M5 (min) -24 hrs

He presented cost benefit analysis (in NRS) for a chimney hood in a year.

Cost -5715

Benefit 14,837


Local solution can pave the way for global solution –we need to exploit these Win –Win Possibilities.


Mr. Keshav Kumar Sharma (Advocay Officer) from practical Action presented on clean domestic air as right tot life and healthy life. He emphasized clean air as basic human right .He also stated about the Kathmandu Declaration, 2008 aiming reduction of Indoor Air Pollution jointly signed by IAPHF, Practical Action and WHO-Nepal.


At the final momentum, the program moved into cross interaction among experts and participants. Students and volunteer raised their queries jointly addressed by the concerned experts.


The Next session was followed by Light Refreshments Provided by The WNSO-Nepal.

Program Synopsis



About the Program


Title: - Interaction Workshop on Indoor Air Pollution and Mitigation Measures.


Objectives of the interaction Program:-The program is intended to bring about change in Youths students and clear misconception about Indoor Air pollution


Literature Review: -


When we go across Journals and books specifically concerned about the Environment and its consequences, we find many factors being responsible for depletion and degradation of Environment (such as Air, Water, Forest, and Soil). The cause of this is the rapid population growth in the developed and as well as Developing countries and the usage of the easily available resources for consumption and utility. The Rapid Urbanization is the Primary cause for such apparent missteps in Environment and its usages.

Indoor Air pollution and its effects is alarmingly increasing which is serious concern for everyone directly and its impact on the Ozone Layer, consequences as mentioned by scientists are Global Warming.



Rational for study


The alarming rate of Environment change is the serious concern for study.


Scope of Program


The program is based on the data’s and information provided by the Environment health Researcher.


Input: - Research and informative Materials from Health Environment Researcher.

Target Audience: - Environment Science Students, Interested Participants


Outcome: -


WNSO-Nepal is building its resources for Environment Programs, to undertake such program; the program will be a bridge for future in order to tap such young talents with Environment as their major study.

And the accurate and fair information was delivered.

Awareness Rising.


A Report By : Dipesh Dulal & Sanjeeb Sangroula


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Thank you Sanjeev sir for this valuable report. May this be helpful for students , researchers and policy makers.

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Thank you Sanjeev sir for this valuable report. May this be helpful for students , researchers and policy makers.




Dipesh Sir , thank you for report indeed .


I have just added added the synopsis on it . It is you who prepared and covered it through the program . Its a great effort you put on the program in that day .




Sanjeeb Aryan



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