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Transformation Or Management ??

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Transformation or Management??



When I search for Strategic management and I revolve around Philip Kotler for Marketing Gemix and off course I do tend to look upon Drucker”s Philosophy of customer satisfaction , I am habituated to glancing Oxford Dictionary for head bothering meaning in English . The gest of all philosophy either it is Kotler or Druker or Buddhism is “Search for new Knowledge through learning from experience and testing of hypothesis based on our abstract ideas “. The philosophy of Management is based on getting things done through others was the case when just after the Industrial Revolution in England. Then it was followed by Mary Parker philosophy of People based Approach (also called Human Relation Approach ) which stress on People and their Behaviour ,from this study onwards there is been a paradigm shift in the way she became successful to shape the Management Practioneer and academician to follow Mary’s Views .


Presently I am staying near U.S State or near Silicon, if you don’t believe it, it’s a fact I can justify it. If some one would ask me how Far Global- Bishalnagar village is from Silicon Valley, my straight answer is” would be just a distance of time equal to put a finger across my cozy Laptop” which I use it when I relax and work relaxingly. Today the organization are changing their roles and going across the boundary for better opportunities and better market, in light of this organizations have become a platform to serve groups as well as personal goals, for this we need assessment of Political, Social, Economic & Legal environment by analyzing the above factors and then developing a means of receiving a quick & reliable information to respond a changing believes and attitudes and developing in a society and the practice taking place .


Today we must have a strongly team in order to raise the organizational level as well as personal (it may be impossible if personal level is not raised, Organizational level won’t be raised to immediate Next Level). The empowered team frames the Futures organization based on the analysis of Different environment for that it very necessary that team members must be from diversified background in the mean time exchange of specialized knowledge to team members to keep basic concepts and broad view to the future (I think present is not a problem Future is Problem which is uncertain and planning is the tool to make the future understandable and foreseeable opportunities that would be developed due to the change in the thinking and in the way particular things or subjects is practiced , the goals of Organization at some time may just become activity for now, hence the organization must respond to the changing scenario . The Organisation Development focuses on the some of the crucial issues of the organization change to be able to respond the change in the External Environment. For this role of management is address the change in to adapt to a new situation that would be like choosing a Dinner with a New Taste. (If you can’t change your taste you will remain empty stomach for a night, probably you can’t sleep empty stomach)


The manager (in charge) must transform an organization using her/his leadership qualities. Am individual is a leader, whereas Institutional thoughts are Leadership. Transformation & Management can’t be used differently, both the word be better used for defining the concepts of Organizational Change and Organizational Development Techniques. Transformative Management deals with study and practice of changing and shaping the organization and its members to address changing situation slowly adapting within new situation , without putting a extra resources or without wasting the Valued Resource (Five Ms, ) and especially with specially emphasis and opportunity to Human –Ware to learn and empowering and raising the levels of both organization and its Members and be able to deconstruct the organization from its older classical model to resurgent New Model . Management is defined as the way of getting things done; it only deals with getting things done , Transformation Management is relatively a new concept in the Organization it deals with elements or objectives that go through the various tests and experiments taking(Thought –Deed-Action ) hypothesis of learning Person or faculty so that it is change from one state to another . It may not be possible to separate the word Transformation and Management .Both the word should be interchangeably for e.g. Conflict Management, Conflict Transformation into Peace. Both the words do have a significant meaning and role in the context of Organization. It would be still interesting to study Administration, Management, and Transformation still analyzing and defining the relationship between External Environment such as Law, Sociology, Political and Economics. The Organization is not merely association of people , for a common goals rather organization are the problems solving mechanism dealing with the newer issues that comes along with the changing various other interrelated disciplines . And Globalization is to be seen not just as cross boundary existence of MNCs(Multi National Companies ) . It is also creating a nuclear culture and practice which have not taken previously, for eg it is deconstructing new habits among the people from Europe to Asia, Can Coca –Cola or Orange Boom replace Water, which one is better among the choice, In Developing countries due to Lack of Pure Drinking Water many people are having serious Stomach problems, which is painstaking for Health. Due to it Local government must allocate huge amount of Resources to address such health issues instead such resources must reach to people of Africa or any other continents where food shortage is chronic, many children’s are striving for a square of meals and dying of Malnutrition, I believe this an enemy of Nature. To address such issues only transformative management role would be sufficient. Transformative Management is hence a holistic approach based on activity towards the achievement of goals, there by advocating the injustice prevail too many other third worlds by means of changing the problems to opportunity.


Sanjeeb Aryan

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