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DB Sahi

Top ten tips for finding ideal work experience for you.

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Finding your ideal work experience

• Identifying an opportunity: think about likely career interests and long-term goals you may have and skills you want to develop.

• Determine the broad occupational area in which you want to work and any specific objectives you want to fulfil, i.e: greater understanding of career choice within a sector.

• If you don't know what you want to do, try something that involves your other interests.

• Think about how much time you can spare for work in addition to studying.

• Think about whether it needs to relate to your degree subject or not.

• Identify companies that you are interested in working for with the help of your University Careers Service or Job Shop, or research them through the internet or business publications.

• In contacting companies or organisations write to the HR Manager stating why you are interested in them and in getting work experience. State also what you can offer them in terms of technical skills and personal qualities you may have.

• Prepare for the interview by viewing it from the manager's perspective, i.e. why should the company or organisation take you on? What are the benefits to them?

• Show a positive attitude and be pro-active.

• Treat it seriously: work experience could make a significant difference to your career goal.



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very fruitful counseling!

i will also follow these TIPS.


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Surely nice one. Loved it.


I have a book called Rules of Life. I wish I could all type here. After reading book I felt so much different, controlled and powerfull.

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