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US Visa for your parents....be careful :huh:

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When I was in the interview room waiting for my turn for US visa, in kathmandu, there was an old lady who was being interviewed. She was alone, widow, and her daughter and son in law were in US. Her daughter sponsered her and sent necessary paper. The interviewer asked where in America did her daughter live. The lady could not answer. She just said "America ma ho bhanthe. Aru ta thaha chhaina." She was denied as the interviewer said how can she go to US when she doesn't even know where her daughter stays.



This is just one of the situations, there are a number of visa denials for such people, where you think there are all the chances of getting a visa.


I believe if you are planning to call your parents to USA, educating them on simple things might avoid a number of denials.


First of all, getting the form filled with someone who knows it very well is a good thing. Even you can fill it from here, send it to somebody's email in Nepal and ask for getting it printed.


You can tell them where you stay (name of the place), and which part of US is it, east west or central.


If they may be confused, probably they can't travel alone. so you have to tell them to explain the interviewer that they don't know exactly which place, but somebody else is travelling with them and he/she knows about it.


Getting the necessary papers ready and well organized is another good thing to do. Its better to get the visa the first time. It will avoid all the hassles and expenses that you will have to make again for applying the second time.


If you have anything more to contribute about tips on US visa, or useful experiences, please feel free to write down as a reply.

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