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E major

Forming Band [in Tokyo]

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I am looking to form a band, a musical rock based band. I need following member

1. Vocalist

2. Bass Guitarist

3. Guitarist - good if equally do rythem and lead as required.

4. Drummer

I will be playing guitar (rythem/lead)


Points to be informed

1. No begineers

2. Advanced music players are expected, but intermediate level with high capacity of learning is also welcomed.

3. People with taste in Rock, Blues, Nepali adhunik type and classiccal songs.

4. No Rap, No Hip-hop. [Pop songs accepatable in som extend]

4.1 So it means we will do 1974 AD, Sabin Rai, Narayan Gopal, Arun Thapa, Axis, Axe, etc etc

4.2 We will do less Nima Rumba, N K Bhattarai, Sugam etc

4.3 We will do Eric Clapton, Eagles, Bryan Adams, GNR, etc etc

5. Since this band is going to be based in Tokyo, only those form Tokyo, I am looking for. I know its seems bit hard to find, but hey who knows.

6. Initial obejective of forming band is to practise and perform in club and restaruant, or even street.


Those interested, please put comments forwrard.

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Namaste e-major G,

Long time. Wish you best of luck.


When did u move frm so populated area to Tokyo??


I've a Nepali friend here who's sort of musician. I'll ask him whether his friends are still residing in Tokyo.


Keep rocking!!


Good Luck.



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