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Arjun  Subedi

Rumours about smoking 'Light' Cigarettes are less harmful

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Rumours about smoking 'Light' Cigarettes are less harmful than harder one.


Just like at any other places around the globe, people are often see misunderstood when it comes to smoking 'lights' and regular cigarettes. Be it any of the urban settings in Nepal, today we often witness almost a majority of people getting used to smoking. And with 'light' cigarettes being introduced, it seems like dear ladies and gentle men have a found right one, thinking it to be less.


Different cigarettes companies use words like 'light', 'ultra light', 'mild', and 'special mild' to describe certain brands.


The majority of smokers think that 'light' cigarettes have less tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine, If the reasons why 'light' cigarette smokers believe that their cigarettes are less harmful to their health is the taste. 'Light' cigarettes taste lighter and milder and feel less harsh than 'regular' cigarettes.


Are these brands actually lighter or safer?

No, someone smoking 'light' cigarette can, and often does, absorb just as much or absorb just as much or more tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. For example, Export 'A' Medium brand cigarettes each deliver as many as 36.7 milligrams or tar .But according to researches, most light cigarettes smokers block the filter vents on their cigarettes. An export 'A' light brand cigarette, with the filter vents blocked, actually delivers even more tar 38.8 milligrams. When the filter vents are blocked, smokers can even take in more than double the amount of tar instead of the 10mg a testing machine would get.


Then why aren't 'light' brands actually lighter or safer? Most smokers are addicted to nicotine, a key ingredient in tobacco. They smoke to get their 'fix', the amount of nicotine, a key ingredient in tobacco. They smoke to get their fix' the amount of nicotine their body is used to getting. This is what creates the strong urge to smoke, and also what makes stopping smoking so hard.


Because 'light' cigarettes can deliver less nicotine, studies shows that most 'light' cigarette smokers change their smoking pattern in order to compensate and get the 'fix' they're used to. They take more puffs, take larger puffs, smoke more cigarettes, and block the ventilation holes in the filter. By changing their smoking pattern, smokers get their usual 'fix' of nicotine. And they often end up getting more tar, carbon monoxide and other dangerous chemical as well.Then why do 'light' cigarettes taste lighter?


'Light' cigarettes taste lighter because tiny holes in the filter (vents) allow more air to enter the cigarette. The smoker inhales air-diluted smoke, which makes the cigarettes taste lighter but doesn’t change the actual amount of chemicals in the smoke


In the 1950s, scientist began to realize that smoking cigarettes was dangerous, cancer-causing and possibly fatal. Cigarette companies began making filter cigarettes, supposedly to protect the smoker.


In the 1970s, the companies introduced 'light' cigarettes. These cigarettes were supposed to be even safer than filtered cigarettes.


It might sound funny but it's true that there is no rule in studies that says how much tar, nicotine, or carbon, or carbon monoxide a 'light' cigarette should contain. In short the word 'light' means nothing, except a lighter taste.


The list of things that smoking can do to you is very long. Though many may know this here are some of the main effects:


Increased risk of heart disease

Increased risk of stroke

Increased risk of lung cancer

Increased risk of larynx cancer


From this I can easily say that the there is no difference between smoking light cigarettes or hard cigarettes, So that I kindly request to all of you who were getting addict from smoking cigarettes will surely give up smoking cigarettes from today and live without any chronic disease causing from smoking.


Save Your Health, Save Your Money, And Save Your Time…………..



References from different sources and researches.


Thank You.









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