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Tobacco deceives immune system !

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Tobacco deceives immune system by hiding cancer cells



A new study has found that apart from promoting the development of cancer, tobacco also appears to help early cancer cells avoid being detected by the immune system.


The study, presented in the Journal of Immunology, found exposure to tobacco reduced the prevalence of a class of cellular surveillance devices, known as HLA class 1. These cells eliminate malignant cancer cells before they reproduce and spread.


"Reduction in (this class) could permit subsequent malignant transformation of cells to be undetected by the immune system," the study reported.


Jane McCutcheon and her colleagues at New York University was quoted as saying in Sydney Morning Herald that these changes did not cause cancer. Instead they allowed cancer to thrive in the body once it appeared.


It was unclear which ingredient in tobacco interfered with the cells' production of HLA class 1, Dr McCutcheon said.


A reassuring aspect of the study, said Roger Garsia, a clinical immunologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, was its findings on the effect of nicotine on these cells.


The study also indicated that tobacco did not have to be burned to reduce the HLA molecules.


"It is plausible that this is a component of the high incidence of not just lung malignancies in smokers, but cancers such as those of the urinary tract," Dr Garsia said.



Asian News International


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thanks sajan for the info



but it'd be better in my opinion if u could refer the journal article further, like the name of the author, title of the article, full name of journal, volume, issue, page number and so on. U can use either Vancouver or Harvard systyem for refering. It helps all of the readers as well as you!


Merci (thank you),



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