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It's a very good query that Distant memory raised about the blood screening.


And, I feel happy to write fewe words in this regard being a laboratory related personnel.

Actually, Before bloos donation every donor is screened for general medical check up that includes: blood pressure, pulse rate, weight, physical appereance (color of the eye to rule out Jaundice) etc. And also before the age of 17 yrs, people are not allowed to donate blood. All the interested donors are also asked for their health-history such TB, Malaria, Jaundice, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, last donated date (there should be at least 3 months gap for next donatiom). They are also requested to fill up and sign a consent form before donation. If they are fit for all these investigation, they are allowed to donated blood.


Immediately after blood donatiom, all the donated blood packects are screened for Blood group, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Syphilis. Only if the donated blood is found negative for all above mentoined infections, the blood packet is preserved as save blood for donation, otherwise the blood is disposed safely. However, all the donors are appreaciated with a BLOOD DONOR CARD, no matters whether their blood is safe for donation or not; This is done to motivate the blood donors and encourage them for donation. If anybody is found unfit due to infection, they are further counselled before notifying them of their positive results.


This is what the screening done in Nepal regarding BLOOD DONATION, mentioned on the blood policy.


I hope you will have the information.


With regards,


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Dear All,


We would hereby like to inform all that we are again going to organize another blood donation camp after three months from that date, that is, in the third week of April 2008 if you consent to participate. I think, we are doing a noble job.


Waiting for your feedback.

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