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Studying Medicine in US

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(This is modified from a reply by me to a similar topic in this forum)


Medicine has a lot of branches. Usually Studying Medicine means studying MBBS in Nepal. I am limiting myself to that.


First of all you need to understand the medical system here in US. To be an MBBS equivalent here, you need to pass class 12, then go to 4 years of Pre-med, then 4 years of Medical School. So its altogether 8 years AFTER I. Sc. or class 12 in Nepal.


The degree awarded here after those 8 years is called MD. Please note here that this is NOT the same as MD in Nepal. It is actually MBBS equivalent. I have known some ed. consultancies in Kathmandu fooling prospective students, telling that you will be a MD after 8 years. But thats actually MBBS equivalent.


To become as a MD in Nepal, ie, a physician, or surgeon, or orthopedician or whatever field you like, you need to do "Residency training". It is called Postgraduate training here. Its only after completion of such training and passing of necessary exams, you become fully independent Physician or Surgeon. The period of such residency training varies according to the subject. eg. 3 years in Internal Medicine, 5 years in general surgery (In Nepal, its only 3 years in general surgery too).


Now about the cost, the pre-med cost is an average cost like that of other subject, not very different. And you can work while you study. But the cost of medical school (that is the second 4 years of those 8 years), is about 20,000 dollars per year, even more in some places. This is why many people here, especially indians (NRIs) send their children to study medicine in India, or Nepal, or carribean countries, where the cost is much cheaper. And another thing, you cannot work while you are in medical school, as it is a full time study. So you can't even think about paying by yourself by working while studying. That is why the American Medical Graduates have a lot of credit by the time they finish their medical school. But nonetheless, you get paid in your "Residency training" (but not a huge amount).


There are some advantages of studying medicine here in US. You will be preferred over international medical graduates (those who study outside US), in almost all subjects of residency training, like orthopedics, ophthalmology, radiology etc. So if you or your parents can afford, and you want to stay here in future, its good to study here. you may even seek for credit help during your study. but its difficult to get loan for international students. Just think why a certain number of people residing in US prefer to send their children to medical school outside US. But nonetheless, who can afford it here, prefer to educate their children here. and I have known quite a few Nepali who have done their medical school here and are either doing residency, or have even completed residency and are working. But its all thanks to their parents who could afford the expenses.


Oh its been a long one. Hope it will help whoever is interested in studying Medicine, or want a future medical career in US. Bye.

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