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hey guys ..was surfing was net and found this site again .. i been here many times but this time i reg my self .. i am just a student in ny usa .. just hanging around my pc doing designs ..


Name : bikash kharel

country ..Nepal ofcourse resided in ny usa now

hobby : deisgn and stuff


web site done till now :



www.mazzakonepal.com( my site .. still working on it to change it to make a social networking )


and more going on in future i guess


Can work with ::


do html deisgns , graphics , logo deisgn , banners , devlop joomla, mambo site and can devlop site with diffrent scripts ,, scripts installation .. learning php designs, play around with photoshop , fireworks ..


this is the most amazing .. i am just of age 14-15 . and i am in 8th grade .. i started off designs and website last year .. and this year i am devloping joomla sites and other cms .. i am learning php deisgns and others .. so i am hoping to do more nepali communities sites in ny and other states and some other sites ..

( really no one gives chance to 14 ,, mainly in nepali community ) but still i will do my job .. hehe .. you guys must be all bigger than me .. but i am just showing what i have or i do in free times


yea you might think i am lying coz my nick is igafadi but not my email id and chat id in diff room is gafadi so i didnt get that id here so i put igafadi

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Welcome to WNSO igafadi!

i liked your portfolio.

And your enthusiasm for web development at this early age is really admirable.

keep going buddy...




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Hay igafadi,


YOU are welcome to the common forum of Nepalese students throughout the world; simply CHAUTARI.


Congrat man, for being a CHAUTARIAN...


Age itself can not be a barrier for career.

You have very long distance to run.... yes you go on to find your real destination.

Your creative hands and mind, of course, can be of great value for WNSO, who knows?


Keep it up.




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