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Life Skill Development Training-Workshop

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Invitation to the "Life Skill Development Workshop"


Hurry up grab the great Discount for Students !!

We would like to invite all the career oriented to the " Life Skill Development Workshop" to be conducted from 11th to 13th January ,2008. The workshop aims at exchanging the skills and knowledge which accelerate the motion of your career growth by lubricating your skill. It is a campaign to unify knowledge with career path. The number of participants is limited to 25 persons, and will be confirmed on “first come-first-served basis". Workshop committee reserves the rights to admit or reject the application.


Workshop Details

Venue: WNSO-Nepal, Training Hall

Registration deadline : till January 8,2008

( 10.00am to 4.00PM)

Duration: Three Day ( 11th to 13th January,2008)

Session time: 11.00AM to 4.00PM

Workshop Participation Fee:

Organizational or Professional NRS: 1000.00

For Individual students : NRS: 400.00


( This fee includes all training materials and refreshments. The fee does not cover travel and accommodation expenses.)


For Other Details

Pls contact us

WNSO-Nepal, Center Office,

Dilli Bazar , Kathmandu

Opposite of Adhyatma Jyoti FM & Beside of Bajaj Auto Showroom

Tel: 01-2143143 (office time)

Mob: Mr. Yadav Bhattarai: 9841453923 ( 1 pm-3 pm)

Webside : www.wnso.org.np

Email: wnsonepal@gmail.com, info@wnso.org.np



Workshop on Life Skills for Youth


Contents & Program Schedule for 3 whole days workshop

1. Welcome & Introduction

o Expectation sharing

o Training objectives

o Training norms setting

2. Self Analysis

o Values & Values Clarification

o Goal Setting and ideal person

o Prejudices and biases

o Attitude and Perceptions

3. Leadership Skills

o Leader vs. Leadership

o Leadership Types

o Situational Leadership

4. Communication Skills

o One-way Vs. Two-way

o Clear Message

o Language

o Active Listening

o Assertiveness

5. Team building/ Group Dynamics

o Stages of group formation

o Team building

o Freedom vs. Responsibility

6. Decision Making

o What is decision making?

o Types of decision-making

o Techniques of decision making

7. Empathy & Problem solving

o Empathetic Skills

o Problem solving skills

8. Time Management


General Information

Which skills are life skills?


Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Described in this way, skills that can be said to be life skills are innumerable, and the nature and definition of life skills are likely to differ across cultures and settings. However, analysis of the skill field suggests that there is a core set of skills that are at the heart of skills-based initiatives for the promotion of the health and well being of children and adolescents. There is no definitive list of life skills. The list below includes the psychosocial and interpersonal skills generally considered important. The choice of, and emphasis on, different skills will vary according to the topic and local conditions . Though the list suggests these categories are distinct from each other, many skills are used simultaneously in practice. For example, decision-making often involves critical thinking ("what are my options?") and values clarification ("what is important to me?"). Ultimately, the interplay between the skills is what produces powerful behavioral outcomes, especially where this approach is supported by other strategies such as media, policies and health services.


Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal communication skills Verbal/Nonverbal communication

 Active listening

 Expressing feelings; giving feedback (without blaming) and receiving feedback


Negotiation/refusal skills

 Negotiation and conflict management

 Assertiveness skills

 Refusal skills



 Ability to listen and understand another's needs and circumstances and express that understanding


Cooperation and Teamwork

 Expressing respect for others' contributions and different styles

 Assessing one's own abilities and contributing to the group


Advocacy Skills

 Influencing skills & persuasion

 Networking and motivation skills


Decision-Making and Critical Thinking Skills


Decision making / problem solving skills

 Information gathering skills

 Evaluating future consequences of present actions for self and others

 Determining alternative solutions to problems

 Analysis skills regarding the influence of values and attitudes of self and others on motivation


Critical thinking skills

 Analyzing peer and media influences

 Analyzing attitudes, values, social norms and beliefs and factors affecting these

 Identifying relevant information and information sources


Coping and Self-Management Skills


Skills for increasing internal locus of control

 Self esteem/confidence building skills

 Self awareness skills including awareness of rights, influences, values, attitudes, rights, strengths and weaknesses

 Goal setting skills

 Self evaluation / Self assessment / Self-monitoring skills


Skills for managing feelings

 Anger management

 Dealing with grief and anxiety

 Coping skills for dealing with loss, abuse, trauma


Skills for managing stress

 Time management

 Positive thinking

 Relaxation techniques





JN Kharel





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It's great oppertunity for all Youth in Nepal. I personally request to all friends to attend this programme which is beneficial for career development,critical analysis, self empowerment and many more......................


Lots of Thanks WNSO-Nepal.

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This training helps all in further life prospects. Chaos! To WNSO Nepal.

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Good initiation !!


Very good opportunity for students who intend to stand with smart life in the society.


Many many thanks to the contributers


Wishing for the grand success of the training !

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Worldwide Nepalese Students Organisation (WNSO-Nepal)

"Orientation on Life Skill Development for youth."

Date: 11th January -13th January, 2008.



Program Overview.


The budding youth's generation especially form the rural areas and least developed region from the different parts of Nepal, also the generation next leading the country from all the spheres in nation building are seeking an opportunity to learn various skill to face the competitive global challenges. In this regards WNSO-Nepal an emerging volunteer and not for profit making organisation has been initiating program to address such youth's demands and unifying the efforts of students from outside and within the nation directing all the efforts towards the nation development.


WNSO- Nepal in collaboration with Non government Organisation "Collaborative Endeavour For Integrated Development (CEID) Nepal organised a 3 day Orientation workshop on Life skill Training Development from January 11th-13th , 2008. The target for the training are the budding youths age ranging from 16-25, however there is no age bar anyone can be a part of the 3 days long workshop. The program was formally inaugurated by President of Worldwide Nepalese Student Organisation (WNSO-Nepal) Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi, he highlighted on the importance of youth role in transformation of nation towards a developed nation. For this youth are considered as the change agent who must undergo reformative change in their thought behaviour , deeds and action , the program may be very useful in building insights towards own self . He further adds that such changes would lead to a positive thinking in youth and also being socially and morally responsible towards various stake of society.


The highly experienced team from CEID Resource person Mr. Binaya Basyal , Mr Sudeep Shrestha , Mr. Ramsharan Poudel and Mr. Hari Khanal and Guest Facilitator Bachchu Ram Basnet are providing a extensive support to the 3 days long Workshop . Mr Nara Bahadur Karki Freelancer also shared experienced on how to think positive and highlighted on the Buddha Philosophy towards Life.(Appreciative Inquiry )

Mr Binaya Basyal and Sudeep Shrestha Facilitated on Introductory Part,

Self Awareness and Self Development. Life Skill development Workshop. Simailarly Mr. Hari Khanal is looking into vital skill for development he focussed on communication skill too. Mr Bachchu Ram Basnet Facilitated on developing assertiveness.

The 25 member participants are actively involved in taking Life Skill Development.

The program content is designed extensively to cater and address the needs of participant , the participatory approach is used throughout the program , so the participants did not feel stress to take part in the 3 days Long Program .

WNSO-Nepal is able to provide the logistics and management support to the program is organised by WNSO-Nepal in collaboration with CEID, Nepal.

The Program is proposed to be formally addressed by the expert from various walks of life in the closing session, 3rd day of the Program.







Edited by Yadav

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