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All Nepali hacker Unite

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Hey man i understand what you are ssaying and i know how it feelss to be hacked.

But i am not a bad hacker. I am so much into computer that i wanted to learn to hack and here i am

I am not a geek by the way i am not the brightest kid but i am somehow intelligent or some like that

I hate those hackers from the arabic countries.they do bad things

I appriciate what you are doing and think you are a good man

but this is what i am


I am a good hacker i dont no harm to anyone

and yes i hack for fun and i wont do any thing to go to jail or prison thats for sure


Thank for your suggestion

I know hacking,cracking and phreaking are different

But any way



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OKay... Then it seems that hackers!!!!

Dear Hacker guys,

Think about selling your(Nepalese) softwares to sell in ABROAD Market, Do not think about Cheating ABROAD from Nepalese Soil.

Keep in mind!

be constructive not destructive, if you have brilliant mind!

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Police set up cell to tackle cyber crime




Kantipur Report



KATHMANDU, Dec 21 - Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD), Hanumandhoka, has set up a separate Cyber Cell (CC) to deal with criminal cases involving cyber technology.

The move comes in the wake of growing instances of threat via e-mail and hacking of both personal e-mail addresses and official websites.


According to SP Devendra Subedi, the newly set up CC looks to checking child pornography, money laundering through offers on the internet, spam mail and cases related to intellectual property rights.


He informed that MPCD Hanumandhoka has developed links with the High-tech Crime Center of the Australian Federal Police and Hongkong Computer Forensics to deal with criminal cases involving cyber technology. "We succeeded in reactivating a hacked personal e-mail ID since the establishment of the CC last month," he said.


Police officials claim that instances of threat via e-mail demanding hefty amounts have almost come to a halt after the CC commenced work.


The need of a technically sound anti-cyber crime body was greatly felt especially after Metropolitan Police Range Office, Kathmandu, busted a fake credit card racket in Kathmandu a few weeks ago. Also, an unknown group hacked into important government official sites 52 times, police said.


The government introduced a separate law governing cyber crime earlier this year following a sharp increase in criminal activity involving cyber technology.




Posted on: 2007-12-20 20:52:18 (Server Time)

Source : ekantipur


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Nepal government offical website which was hacked by Iranian Hacker is Back to Normal.


http://www.nepalgov.gov.np/ was hacked by Ianian hacker Iranian BlackHat Team (http://www.ibh.ir/).According to their website they have hacked over 90 government website and also hacked Yahoo subdomain of Korea. They have also hacked many multinational company’s website like Panasonic, Sharp, Simens…..






Nepalese Government Site Hacked :video




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DOnt care about the news and else. I thought that i would get no response to the message i posted but now i think i am getting some good responce. SO join my wetpaint site and learn the magic. There is a new post about getting free dailup internet from the courtesy of Nepal Telecom without them knowing it.

AND I want to point out that that site i for learning purpose only


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Dear Good Hacker,


I understand your point. I think we need people like you who love to hack but not for bad purpose to find out the loopholes in our system. Wish you good luck.


A great care taker can be the person who know all the CHOR BATO. hehehe




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