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Tribute to Bhupi Sherchan

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Bhupi Sherchan


Born: Bikram Sambat 1993

Died: Bikram Sambat 2046


Famous works: Ghumne Mech Mathi Andho Manche, Sahid Ko Samjhana, Main Batti Ko Sikha, Ghantaghar, Hami, etc.



Bhupi Sherchan was the first free style poet in Nepali literature. He has analyzed humans and human life in different ways but his biggest contribution to Nepalese society is that he has tried to show the way to the new generation through his numerous poems. He was a fierce nationalist and loved his country and countrymen above all else. His down to earth rationalism can be seen in his classic poem "Hami" where he claimed that we Nepalese are brave but foolish and because we are brave we are foolish. His intense love for the nation and the goodwill of the nation can be seen in his odes to the martyrs of Nepal. Bhupi Sherchan was awarded the Sajha Puraskar in 2026 B.S.





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Blind Man On A Revolving Chair



All day

like dry bamboo

dozing on its own hollowness,


all day

like a sick dove

pecking its own breast

scratching sores;

all day

alone like a pine stand

sobbing with unexpressed pain

all day

like a flat mushroom

far from the vast display of earth and sky

planting his legs in a small place,

covering himself with a tiny umbrella;

in the evening

when Nepal shrinking into Kathmandu

Kathmandu cast aside on New Road

and New Road -trampled

beneath the feet of many people,


into stalls shops and vendors of news tea and betel;

rumors dressed up in a motley array

walk back and forth,

clucking like a hen that has laid an egg

newspapers shuffle by

and darkness here and there

settles on the footpath


by the glare of the cars

A beehive collapses in my brain

and terrified of drone and sting

I rise

like the souls on Judgment Day

and lost without "Lethe" of oblivion

I dive into a glass of wine

and forget the days that brought me here

my previous incarnation and death

In this way always

the sun rises from a tea kettle

and always in an emptied glass of wine

the sun sets

The earth on which I sit is revolving--as usual

I alone am not acquainted with

the changes all around,

a stranger to the passing scenes,

the attractions,

like a blind man at a fair

strapped down in a revolving chair

translated by Wayne Amtzis with Sulochana Musyaju

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भूपी शेरचन


मैले पिएकोमा रिसाएका साथीहरू

पिएर त हेर, पिउँन झन गाह्रो छ

मरेर शहीद हुनेहरू

जिएर त हेर, जिउँन झन गाह्रो छ ।



lastaai maan parcha line haru


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newa pasa jee ... tapai kata hunu hunchha?

bhetna man lagyo yar! pasa .. friend..

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kahan nuakot hunu?

gaff handya ni.. ma ta ktm kai LOKAL ho!

ani tapai bides ki swades ma!?

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