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WNSO is a Worldwide Nepalese students' organization for the students and by the students. It is dedicated towards providing appropriate:


* platform to share anyone’s experience living abroad


* information about higher education abroad


* guidelines to all Nepalese about education\living\job abroad


* creating a global network of Nepalese students


It is a non-profit, non-political organization purely based on common desire of sharing our knowledge and experience with all Nepalese.


We expect all the members to make our forum more informative, authentic and reliable. Lets create healthy and friendly atmosphere of family-hood. Lets not hide our true identity or use false identities or multiple identities. Why to hide friends if you are doing the right? You should hide yourself only if you are doing wrong. For some reason, you may not want to flash your real name but please don't use your pseudo-identity as license to fraud and lying.


Lets rise above jealousy and competition among us, just to be better appreciated or to be most noted. Competition can be healthy too if we compete in providing the best service. Lets use our time constructively and make only constructive comments without any offence.


Lets forget about superiority/inferiority, leading or dominating. We are all in the common ground of friendship. Different posts and status are given to share the job and for better management. Of course dedicated members are rewarded for encouragement.


On the other hand if some members go against the spirit of WNSO, WNSO shall be compelled to act against their action. We wish that we will not have to act that way but if such situations arise, WNSO shall be compelled to maintain proper environment.


We believe you all understand and take these facts into your mind and heart. We are here for unity not for enmity.


May WNSO prosper and blossom with the smile of us all.



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