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Looking for nice research topic suggestion

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Hi Mates!! It's nice to be back to WNSO. It's like a second family to me, that's why I head towards it everytime I have any problem. It's good to have lots of educated members in this huge family. I hope one of you can help me in getting through my problem.


I am on the final year of my bachelor. I need to complete a senior project in order to graduate. Well, I have never seriously been to a research stuffs, though I have accomplished tens of minor projects which were based on the secondary research. But this time, I really have to work hard. So, I may need assistance in each and every steps. The first hurdle is finding a good research topic. Since I am in the hospitality field, I would like to have some nice topics within this industry. I know many of you are not concerned to this field, but this is the most common area which we regularly experienced. So my well-educated fellows, give me some hints about the research topics. What should I focus on? Is there any particular subject in this field you think can be intersting to research on? Any suggestion is welcome. Please, reply soon.

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LU ji,


You are not only the one encounter with such dilemma in choosing right research topic. When we talk about research, it seems like it’s a daunting process but it isn’t.


Looking at your query I assume, you are talking about dissertation? If not please let me know what sort of research you are asked to conduct? Bearer in mind, any other piece of work which involves research can be called as research project too. However, here in the UK, we have to do several assignments which involve research; in addition to that, student has to write 10,000 words dissertation (which involve secondary and primary research) in order to obtain an Honours degree. Normally, students are asked to pick up research topic for dissertation whereas research topic is already provided if it isn’t a dissertation.


Having said that, I reckon, your one is dissertation too. Basically, there are two types of dissertation;


1. Standard dissertation (Mainly students prefer to do this)

2. Work based dissertation (This can be based on the employer to whom you work for)


If this is the case, I would advice you to find out the topic from the subject area in which has been of your interest and that really inspire you. In the mean time, you have to be also careful while choosing topic, whether enough/valid/up to date and reliable secondary data is published or not? It is also important to note that, whether you will have an access to collect required primary data? Remember, many companies are not willing to disclose information related to accounts, marketing strategies etc. I have no idea how it works in the country where you are studying but here in the UK, not all of them but many employer prefer to know the dissertation (and it’s mark) while recruiting new employee. It shows that how creative and productive applicant is. Therefore, it is very much important that you make a right choice.


I always have been a fond of “Marketing” and I have done my dissertation in “Marketing” and all went well. You may dislike marketing and may like any other areas. Please let me know which area has been of your interest so that we can start having little bit brain storming about topic.


Good luck!

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