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OpenGL C++

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Hi people,

I am looking for some help in one of my openGL problem. The problem is to load *.obj file to create some scene using C++. I use visual C++ for this purpose. Any help will be appricated.

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I have attached the model.obj file.

1. Open a 512 × 512 window. The text in the titlebar should read ’Project 7’. The

background color should be black, and the frame buffer should contain a depth buffer for

hidden surface removal. Render your name in the lower left hand corner and a frames per

second counter in the lower right. Render the scene using perspective projection.


I have completed section 1. And I need help in getting started with other sections.


2. Load the model.obj mesh. Read only the vertex locations and faces from the file. Do not

load normals, you will be computing them. When the function key F1 is pressed display the

the vertices of the mesh as GL_POINTS in a display list. Apply a scale transformation to the

mesh when rendering so that the mesh always fits inside a 10 × 10 × 10 box.



3. When the function key F2 is pressed display (using a vertex array) the triangular faces

of the mesh (GL_TRIANGLES) in red with ambient color red (no normals needed).


4.Compute the face normals of each triangle. When F3 is pressed display the mesh as a flat

shaded triangle mesh using the lighting described in the next section. The rendering should

be done through a display list


..... and so on.

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