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Interview with Prashant Tamang

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After becoming the Indian Idol Prashant Tamang, 24, has become one of the most talked about people these days. A veritable household name. Recently, he came to Nepal for his first ever concert. Shiva Sharma caught up with Prashant to talk to him about what it was like to compete in Indian Idol, the attitude of Anu Malik, his favourite music and his Nepali roots. Excerpts:


Q. How did you come to take part in Indian Idol?

Prashant Tamang: When the forms for the show came, my friends asked me to fill them up. But I didn’t give it that much importance. However, some of my friends from the police force SMSed my participation in the competition. That's how I came to give an audition.


Q. Did you ever think that you'd progress up to the audition round?

Prashant: Never. I had come to the venue at 9 am and my turn came only 12 hours later at 9 pm. I hadn't eaten anything for the whole day. I hadn't at all thought of getting into the audition round. But I sang from deep inside my heart and luck favored me.


Q. You had represented a small town Darjeeling. Had you ever felt that you could be in the top 10?

Prashant: I hadn't thought of reaching the top 10. But I was helped more by luck than talent. Moreover, the public and God were with me. Finally, I succeeded in reaching the top 10. After this, my Idol trip continued.


Q. It seemed the judges weren't supporting you much.

Prashant: I can't say so. All of the judges were fair enough. I progressed in the rounds with the support from all of them.


Q. But the behavior of Anu Malik towards you wasn't fair, was it?

Prashant: It's obvious for the judges to comment. The comments they gave me led me to advance and work hard every time. I took those comments to hone my talent and deduced my Achilles heel. I never felt them to be negative because they made the comments for my improvement.


Q. Who did you like the most among your contenders?

Prashant: I liked Abhisekh a lot. He was my well-wisher and a good friend who supported me in any circumstance.


Q. Finally, you ended up being the Indian Idol. How do you feel?

Prashant: I'm overjoyed. I can't express my joy in mere words. Some of the contenders in the top ten were better singers than me. However, I always kept on improving myself. I got big support from the Nepali folk, from Darjeeling and Sikkim. The support also from Indian well-wishers led me to the title.


Q. When John Abraham was about to declare the winner, did you think that you were the winner?

Prashant: I didn't think about winning and losing at that time. I was more concerned about my supporters who did so much for me through the days and nights to make me the Idol. I was thinking what they would say to me if I lost.


Q. When John Abraham raised your hand to declare you the winner, who did you think of at that time?

Prashant: I thought of God first. I also thought of my sister and mother and then of all the Nepali folk and millions of my supporters.


Q. Did you think you'd be the Idol?

Prashant: Not really. Luck backed me a lot. The blessing of God and the support of the public was the main factor.


Q. Did you ever think you'd get support from the Nepalese?

Prashant: At the start I hadn’t thought that I would be getting such support. After I read in some magazines that I was getting support from across the border, my happiness knew no bounds. So many Nepalese acknowledged me. Then I worked harder thinking that I was not singing just for me, but so many people.


Q. When you heard of your craze here in Nepal, how did you feel?

Prashant: The Nepali people came over the border to support me because there was no system of voting from Nepal itself. The support of the Nepalis who came across the border made me proud.


Q. What is the difference in Prashant then and now?

Prashant: Prashant is the same as before. The only difference then and now is that then he was known to only a few people and now a lot of people know the same simple Prashant.


Q. What do you prefer to sing the most, Nepali or Hindi songs?

Prashant: Both are the same. I can't live without Nepali songs. You know my love for Nepali songs. I sing both Nepali and Hindi songs.


Q. How have you seen the love given to you by so many Nepalese people?

Prashant: The love is from my own people. I couldn't have come to this point, if they hadn't loved me. I hope for the same kind of love forever.


Q. Which Nepali singers do you like?

Prashant: Anil Singh, Nima Rumba and Adrian Pradhan. I was overwhelmed to sing with Nima Rumba and Adrian Pradhan here.


Q. What are your plans for the future?

Prashant: I haven't made plans as such. I have become Indian Idol just now. I wish to do something new in music, let's see what happens.


Q. How many proposals have you got, please be honest?

Prashant: (Laughs) Really…no one has proposed anything like that yet.


Q. If that’s so, then were the rumors about a relationship happening between you and another contender Charu unfounded?

Prashant: This is totally wrong. Charu was a good friend of mine. She used to support me, that's it.


Q. You must have a girlfriend, right?

Prashant: There was a time when I had a girl friend, but not now.


Q. What do you think of marriage?

Prashant: I haven't thought about it. First let me do something. Marriage will happen in the end.


Q. How long have you been in the police and do you plan to continue?

Prashant: I’ve been in police force for five years. I have come to this stage with the help of my police sahibs(smiles). I will continue this profession alongside music.


Q. Is it true that the album Sony TV is launching with you will have some Nepali songs as well?

Prashant: I had asked for some Nepali songs. They agreed on this, let's see what they do.


Q. Where are your concerts after here in Nepal?

Prashant: I can't say right now. It's Sony’s contract. Wherever they send me, I have to go.


Q. What are your hobbies?

Prashant: Football, music and travelling.


Q. Finally, what do you want to say to Nepal?

Prashant: I had always wanted to come to Nepal and release an album. Something I wasn’t able to do because of my financial status. It is the love from the Nepali people that has, right now, brought me here. I will always be grateful to all the Nepali people who supported me. I ask them all to unite into single garland.




Posted on: 2007-10-08 08:35:46


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