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Yoga Vs Modern medicine?

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These days Kathmandu is filled with RAMDEV and the YOGA.


Thousands of people are participating in this big gathering with a hope of success, cure for the chronic disease or at least to prevent such obstacles in life.


It is also claimed by the organizer that cure of every kind of illness is possible by YOGA. They even proclaim that unsuccessfull trails of medical science can turn into successfull attempt by YOGA. For chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart-attack, Dimentia and many others; YOGA is the only way out. How can we be assured for these statements made by YOGIs?


Is it time for going back to traditional tools leaving the advanced medical science? Has medical science failed infront of YOGA?

So, what is the reality? I strongly disagree with these baseless sayings; eventhough YOGA can have some benefits but is not the ultimate solution of every problems.


What is your view?



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I think I had this problem when i was in nepal a month back. People would ask me about ayurvedic things and I wouldn't have a clue, and if I was to explain about the modern medicine, they wouldnt believe it. There is definitely a new trend where Ramdev has taken over, and I'm not sure everything he says is true. But in a society where the older generations dont have access to correct information, they will believe every other information that is thrown at them.


There was an article in kantipur in august, about some herb which cures piles. As a medic, that seems impossible, but then again I dont know much about herbs and alternative medicines. May be there is some truth in it, however, since the new trend in the medical world is evidence based, there isn't much evidence behind ayurvedic medicine, I guess more studies are required.


I don't believe yoga cures heart disease, diabetes, dimentia....what's that all about. Yoga is a form of exercise to keep fit.

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