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Scholarships provided by indian govt for BBA

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What's the name of the institutes in which candidates after being selected by indian embassy of kathmandu as per "General Cultural Scholarship scheme" are sent ?

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Sushant Ji, Thank You for Your Query.

If you or anyone has been selected and need some help, let us know.


In relation to ur query, "Could you send me the list of institutions where nepalese students have got admission thru Indian embassy 's General cultural Scholarship Scheme for BBA?"


There is no official list on this regard as it depends on Government of India's opinion.

and it keeps on fluctuating. again, there are thousands of students from various countries and they get one or another university or colleges depending on univ's quota for foreigners. Major Cities where you get scholarships are Delhi, Hyderabad, Banglore, Pune, Chandigarh etc as far as BBA is corcerned.


I can say like Nijam College, Hyderabad, Aurora Degree College, Hyderabad (both affiliated to osmania University, Hyderabad), Banglore University affiliated some colleges in banglore, Singhad College of Management affiliated to Pune Universitity, and women's Koti College, Hyderabad are some of the colleges wheree I have seen Nepalis studying. It's just an example. They can be sent in some best colleges or to some moderately good colleges across India.


In case, u need some more info. Let us know.

Thanking You


Visit wnso.org

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