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Training module developed by the Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Poli

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"Making Governance

Gender Responsive (MGGR)"


November 12-19, 2007


CAPWIP Institute for Gender, Governance and Leadership (CIGGL)

4227-4229 Tomas Claudio Street, Baclaran, Parañaque City, Philippines

the training


"Making Governance Gender Responsive (MGGR)" is a generic course that can be adapted and modified to suit the needs of the different countries in Asia-Pacific. The initial training module was developed by the Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP), with funding support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through its Asia-Pacific Gender Equality Network (UNDP-APGEN) and the Regional Governance Programme for Asia and the Pacific (UNDP-PARAGON).


The training is intended for men and women involved in::


* Electoral politics (all levels: national, provincial, city/municipality)

* The bureaucracy (all levels: national, provincial, city/municipality)

* Political parties (officials and members)

* Training Institutes (government, private sectors and non - government)

* Development of governance policies, programs and projects.

* Working with NGO's, civil society groups interested in gender, governance and leadership.

* Women and men who are simply interested in the question of gender, governance and leadership.


Specifically, after the training program, the participants are expected to:


* Enhance their understanding of Gender and Development (GAD) and governance concepts.

* Gain appreciation of gender - related and governance issues and concern.

* Identifying gender biases in governance

* Acquire skills in identifying and analyzing gender biases and concerns trough case examples of strategies and practices to address gender biases.

* Identifying gender biases in the participant's sphere of influence - a change management approach.

* Formulate Action Plans: Institutional and Individual.

For more visit the link:



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