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WNSO-Nepal first AGM held on Kathmandu

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Dear Colleagues, Valued members and Good wishers !


I would like to get your permission to notice all regarding First Annual General Meeting (AGM) of WNSO-Nepal and it’s New appointed executive boards. It was held on Baneshow at 28, August 2007. Five New energetic members including of three women have been consensusly nominated into nine-members Board of Executive.


WNSO-Nepal founder Treasure Mr. K.B Roka and General Secretary Mr. Jagannath Kharel were forwarded the Annual Income and Expenditure report and Annual Progress report respectively during the session. Founder President Dr. Sunil Kumar Jhoshi has also proposed Plan and Action for New Fiscal year. Meeting was approved to the annual financial and progress reports and proposed Plan and Action after brief reviewed in the session. Some remarkable steps/achievements of WNSO-Nepal have listed flowingly;


1. Legal procedure and affiliation

2. Recognize of WNSO

3. Scholarship programme

4. Initiation of social activities and Volunteer/membership promotion

5. Organizational development and office management

6. National Media coverage of WNSO-Nepal activities and dissemination of WNSO Vision


Meeting was suggested to emphasize the regular activities documentation, rewards system promotion among volunteers, follow up and implement the code of conduct to all level/members, advisory board formation from exalted academic and social personalities and formation of different coordination committee from new volunteers/members etc.


Behalf of WNSO-Nepal, President Dr. Sunil Kumar Jhoshi was put the vote of thanks especially to UK committee, ICC and Chautari members for their untiring efforts and appeal for further energize.


New executive board is as flowingly;


President: Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi

Vice-president: Mr. Dinesh Thapa

General Secretary: Jagannath Kharel

Treasure: Mr. K.B. Roka


Mr. Yadav Prasad Bhatarai

Mrs. Rosani Shretha

Mr. Sanjeeb Sangraula

Ms. Luna Gurung

Ms. Sita Pun


Invited ICC members:

Mr. Bharat Thapa (UK)

Mr. Chakra Balayer (Canada)


The WNS0-Nepal “Activities promotion and membership” committee has also formulated as flowingly;


Coordinator: Mr. Puspa Nidhi Gautam

Sub-coordinator: Dipesh Dulal

Sub-coordinator: Mr. Manish Magar

Member: Mr. Prashant Raut

Member: Mr. Shayam Prakash Dumre


At the same time, Invited ICC members Mr. Bharat Thapa and Mr. Chakra Balayer were announced to provide a Desktop computer and Internet respectively for ground office support.

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Respected Executive Board Members,

I extend my gratitude for being appointed as an Executive Member and would like to assure that I would try my level best to utilize every opportunity to work and participate in various social activities and events organized by WNSO.

On the behalf of Executive Team, we will be working towards the welfare of the Nepalese Society and Student's.



Luna Gurung




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Dear executive committee members and other WNSO-Nepal members.


Let me express my sincere thanks to all who have choosen me as a member of WNSO-Nepal Promotion committee. I am elated to thank you all who attended the First Annual General Meeting (AGM) of WNSO-Nepal to make it a grand success.


I am very much pleased to take this responsibility as an opportunity to work more for Nepalese students through WNSO-Nepal.


I hereby extend my commitment to do my best.


Once, thank you very much !

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Respected President- Nepal , Vice President , General Secretary , Respected WNSO-Intenational Committee Executive Members, Seniors Members , WNSO -Volunteers , and Executive Committe Members and Well Wishers of WNSO !


I take this privilege opportunity to convey my Sincere thanks to all the Stake holders , from WNSO and a would commit that i would add energy in my personal as well as professional life of WNSO.

WNSO is a Marching Elephant , it is carrying a Positive culture of Eastern and Western Societies , working for unifying a Nepalese student Worldwide . Working for strengthening the Corporate and Educational Systems in National as well as Regional Level . WNSO dynamise through a different societies with genuine motion for the enlighment and attainment the euphoria among the nepalese youths Worldwide.


"WNSO must be the Harvard of Asian continents . " For Quality , optimism , nation building , economic development and Volunteer Serrvice to needy people and the social intitution .


Thank You All for such concern .


With Best Regards,


Sangroula Sanjeeb

WNSO-Nepal , Executive Commitee





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congratulations for the newly elected/nominated executive members of WNSO Nepal...


lets make WNSO rolling.............................

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Dear Executive committee members and WNSO members,

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the members of the executive committe and the WNSO crew for assigning me as a member of the promotional committe. I take this as a great opportunity for myself and promise hereby to work for the betterment and promotion of the organization.

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Congratulations to WNSO on all the achievements. Its nice to hear that WNSO will receive another computer and the internet facility will surely enhance the organizations work process. Kudos to every staff member on bringing WNSO Nepal to its current status.

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