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Name and Shame policy

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On the behalf of WNSO body, I would like to purpose “Name and Shame” policy to be effective by today. We are of firm belief that all the respected members of WNSO are well aware about the objective of WNSO and its goal. To run day-to-day activity of WNSO, we always encourage its distinguished member to share the task of the WNSO based on their knowledge, skills and available time.


Certainly, posting in the forum is also great contribution. But, there are many other things, which could boost performance of WNSO and help to meets the objective set by WNSO, in short time. WNSO has seen many people coming and going in its history and we are always indebted to them who have contributed to WNSO in one or other way around.


WNSO has always approached those people, who brought quality post, better plan and fame, without any nepotism and favouritism, and offered them to lead the WNSO with their capacity. This proved that WNSO has developed its own exceptional system to run it. But not all the decision appears to be productive. We have realized from our experience that, rushing to select people to run WNSO, who come like tornado and make everyone excited in no time, can be harmful. We have noticed such character making big noise and creating problems to other members to exercise their rights.


We, therefore, have to make tough decision sometimes to remove such character from the organization to keep WNSO running prosperously. To make sure that such a character does not strike back again with different identity we come up with the “Name and Shame” policy. As an organization, WNSO has rights to log and investigate any one’s activity within WNSO Network. If required, in such case, details of investigation report will be published in WNSO web site and further actions may follow. We believe, this policy will help creative and hard working member to come forward, and ill minded people to go backward.


Lets walk together and help each other.


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