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bogus colleges in uk

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It feels very good to hear that one of our nepali friends actually was saved from joining a Bogus college. Please lets take special efforts to actually list down these crooks.


Good idea. Please list those bogus collages. It will really help.

I don't think Admin needs to be worried on this. Any views expressed will be poster's own view and own experience.

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In my view listing out only the colleges will not help until and unless, students coming from nepal have the access to that list and know the reality. Think about yourself, when you came here. Your expectations, dreams ... So we should start making students aware about what is happening. 1 or 2 room colleges, the certificates which you cannot use anywhere, like those (pay 600 and get Ph. D ).


Thanks at least someone dared to tell the truth. Telling the truth about the situation in UK to your friends and families who want to come to UK may help them to be safe and I have heard UK government is also working in it. Have heard few bogus colleges have been closed. But for our nepali brothers and sisters, creating awareness will be the best thing and ask them to get as much information as possible before enrolling in any institution or course because you can get the college information from and can directly write to them as well. so that later on, College and agent cannot put the blame in each other's shoulder.


If anyone enrolled in any institution in UK and want to really know the college and course status, then they can write to us in WNSO UK mail or post in chautari we will try our best to help.



Gyanu :)


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The students are also to blame for the involvement of such college.


My experience say that there are two types of Nepalese students abroad or going abroad.


1. A genuine student who wish to study.


2. Student who wish to earn money.


The bogus colleges are growing every years by numbers due to the growing numbers of no 2 students. Not only the students from nepal, most the students from poor and underdeveloped countries lies in the no 2 category.


So the genuine students should be careful choosing the college.

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