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wanna make ur website

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In my opnion i think we all should update towards .net plateform. Its gre8 4 web designing with database connection and high security features. try it.....nothing is impossible.


well, I don't think it is better to move(update as you said) to .NET.

I don't know much in ASP though, In my opinion PHP is not less powerfull language than ASP.net especially for forums.


For me I prefer PHP rather than ASP.net

coz PHP has bigger user community than ASP so it's easy to learn through online documentations and forums. PHP being a cross platform language it runs perfectly on almost all the servers. On the other hand ASP is only for MS IIS servers.


Prashad Ji ! 1st of all thanks for comming with gre8 point. I agree with ur thought 110 % i didn't mean ASP.NET is the best, ofcourse php is being so demanding; platform indepandent and free web tool no doubt abt this,But If u noticed new technology is complately based on .net platform. in that sence its waiseness to move towards it. this is my prediction in comming year this will take over on web technology But still nothing is permanent in IT as we all aware of this fact. i m not big fan of .net but Few of the features i like most->Mobile Web Device Support ->Memory Leak, DeadLock and Crash Protection ->Rich output caching


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