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valentine's day celebration

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hey guys,

my friends are organising valentine's day party on

14th february 2007 in the fusilier in sudbury town.

if you guys wanna have fun and treat your ladies be there.

i think its going to be great party.

call them on 02089037863 and speak to santosh.

i heard they are giving discounts on early booking.

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oh iam sorry i forgot to mentionwhere the place was. i

It's in wembley

london, united kingdom.

And for those who doesn't have anyone, don't worry we will hook you up with

some foxy ladies he eheee. how about that.


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i know the place.. i was once there... but will u still b able to keep ur promise???

u better keep that promise of urs???

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if u give me 2 way ticket from chicago to london...then hummm may be ;)

anyways, one of my fav love quote...

"Giving away a heart can hurt ... having a broken heart can be life threatening, even to the strongest people. But, receiving one is the greatest gift."

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1) Love is not sumthg that is born in the morning, shines in the noon


and dies at night.


It borns when its not needed and dies wen you need it the most!!










2) "SpeciaL friends" R reaLLy reaLLy hArd 2 fiNd.. SpeciaLy tHosE


wHo r "CuTe" & "pure in heart", So mY aDviSE 4 U is. Never let me












3) Life


is only






Today"s moment becomes












Good or Bad




the gift of Life




LIFE itself.










4) Ice is a cream, love is a dream, but our friendship is evergreen.


Dont make friend before understanding and Dont break friendship after












5) 'FEW RELATIONS IN EARTH NEVER DIE' Take 1st letter from each word


to get the word in which i mean a lot.








6) HAPPINESS is the delicate balance of what one is and what one has.


It is the inner joy that can be sought or caught, but never taught or














G-get up


O-open ur eyes


O-out of ur bed


D-day has risen


M-merry life


O-old dreams cum true




N-new frnds


I-ideas of life


N-nice future












8) Friendship is not collection of hearts but it is selection of


hearts. All friends r not true. But true friends r very few! Like you.


















9) YOU look


Sweet when


You read


my SMS,






You read


n Smile...


But You








You read,


Smile n


Reply.. )so try


2 look












10) Are we friends or


Are we not?..


You told me once,


but i forgot..


so tell me 'now'


and tell me 'true'..


so i can say,


i am here for you..


of all the friends,


i have ever met


"u' are the one i


will never forget..


and if i die


before u do..


i will go to heaven


and wait for u..

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