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sandwich placement

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dear all,


i am in my penultimate year of my studies. i need to take one year internship next year.

i have been looking around but it looks like its going to be pretty tough.

if anyone out there are doing their internship or are already working as biomedical scientist, i would be garteful to get feed back from you.



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please when u ask some queries, be very specific. From ur post I can understand that u are doing something related to bio medical but what exactly? in penultimate year of what? Ph.D, Master, bachelor..................? from where? which university and most specifically where do u want to do ur internship? Nepal, India, Uk, US, Toago and Trinidad, Chechenya...............? where? and one more in hospitals, in phermaceutical companies..........????

please be specific then, only any one can help/suggest u...........( this reply is targeted to any persons of any branch)

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well to be specific i am doing bsc. hons in biomedical science from university college london(UCL).

iam trying to find internship in london if possible.

i would like to do it in hospital but if not i don't mind private laboratories too

as long as it gets me credits towards registering me into HPC and IBMS.

do ypu know anywhere??

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