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....yeah....it is possible to view your hotmail, yahoo or gmail mails on MS Outlook or Outlook Express............i not only think buti have done that many times before...i exactly forgot the steps ....but if you need that earenestly i can post them later.......rather...you can view the pages via google search or MSN search......the link i just got is ....http://support.microsoft.com/kb/220852......get on man....you can do it....

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I think hotmail and yahoo does not provide free http or pop3 service anymore, but gmail still provides that. please click on the link below for your help. thanks





you can use the hotmail but not yahoo

Follow the following step

1.click tool > Account > Choose Mail > Add > Mail >

2 your name > your email > Next

3. My incoming mail is HTTP

My HTTP mail service provider is HOTMAIL > Next

5.Account name is your email id & your password is you know your self. Note: - Don't click on log using secure bla bla bla....

6.if you using public computer don't click on remember password

7.Next and finish > close



pasa8848 ( pasa = friend 8848 = Mt.Everest) World's Top Friend :P

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I want to use my OUTLOOK EXPRESS but it's not working well.

I tried HOTMAIL, YAHOO, GMAIL.......


Please help me.

I often have problems with my outlook express messages, and once I lost some my important emails. I didn't know what to do next. But unexpectedly my friend suggested me - dbx recovery, it surprised me a lot and solved my troubles, perhaps the tool will help in like situation.

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