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  1. You have to hear him 'coz you are a soltina.
  2. QUOTE (Rohit Shahi @ Nov 26 2002, 09:08 AM) ATTARIYALESE from all around. Mero photo chahi 'last row' ma rakhya raichha. Anyway, thanks......!!
  3. QUOTE (Rohit Shahi @ Nov 26 2002, 09:23 AM) Mero ATTARIYA ! Thanks ROHIT. I like it.
  4. QUOTE (Zasmeen @ Jan 10 2003, 10:28 AM) Hey Vidur, Where you lost body? I think, ....timee le hamro agreements birsya jasto chha. What about our agreement? Ma chahi birseki chhaina, hai. Aajkal forum ma pani auna chhodya jasto chha ni, dekhidaina ta katai?? Je sukai hos....Agreement pura nabhaye samma ma chhodina kya re, je parla so tarla. THis lady (Zasmeen) seems really CRAZY. Hey, both of you have already a life partner, then why you looking for............ Pakh Vidur, buhari lai bahni dinchu, ani khanchhas !! Aphnai Diju ko agadi golmal ?? Just joking....go for fun, no problem.
  5. Well, good job dear brothers and sisters. I found here my past LAB life. But I am very senior than you all, I think. I did my SLC in 1986 A.D. from LAB school. I still remebered to my school, as well. I am so glad to see here many brothers and sisters from LAB. Rabi brother, Thanks for calling to all LAB guys. You have done a really cool job brother. Maybe, you didn't know me coz I am very senior than you, although we are brother and sister. Keep it up brother and keep in touch.
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