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  1. I think taking bridge courses ( which is said to be rerwinding +2 courses in Nepal these days) is a waste of time for students, why would they study 60% of +2 courses in bridge course and then go back to +2 and repeat the same course ? It is a shame. I would suggest to better take professional courses like Project Management, ACCA, MCSE and lot of other courses are there. Institutes should also stop giving false education and stop money making scam playing with youngsters careers. PS: Educators(insttutes) should keep better courses in thier institutes, which will help them grow as well help students grow rather than repeating and time wasting courses.
  2. Dear all Namaste, Welcome program Welcome to the students portal. WNSO although is a small organisation made effort by few of suffered students like you, we are trying best to give accurate information for Nepalis who wish to study abroad. This is a non-profit, charitable organisation registered in the Nepal and the UK. We would like to take new Nepali students for leadership as well as volunteering the student community into next level. If you have any ideas on how we can help new Nepali suffered student in the UK please contribute this thread. We are also planning for gathering all students hiring some tents or ground somewhere in london and do chiyapan, speech , and enlight students about the practical situation. Please contribute WNSO online or offline in your time. If you have anything to say please do not hesitate to keep your views. Thanks Regards Raju
  3. I would say don't go for professinal courses like IMIS or ABE unless you have plenty of time. Go for academic courses like BSc or MSc, this will enhance your career. Lots of nepali students find it difficulties to differentiate between professional and academic courses. Universities are best option. Looking at private colleges in UK , they have poor facilities than tution centre in bagbazar or balaju. Don't expect anything magic because you came to UK, be careful and research before you join any private colleges or the courses they offered.
  4. http://www.howtodothings.com/computers/a34...ter-faster.html
  5. use ISA server with ISA you can configure the site-to-site VPN way you want.
  6. I was at the tour, when I did ask you to join, you said 'no' , you got your lovely little to look after...hehe kidding. It's so nice and feeling home to see you so soon. You have done a great job.
  7. hello yadav, start from HTML. If you need more help please don't hesitate brother. I am there for you.
  8. Dear all, Please giive us any suggestion if anything more to add ? here is the link http://radio.wnso.org/1i.php Thanks
  9. Happy Birthday dai, Thaha pani paidaina, sanga sangai raicha dai bhauju ko janma din. Happy birthday to both of you, Dai and Bhauju
  10. Dear all, could all committee please finalise this design and give suggestion if anything more to add ? here is the link http://radio.wnso.org/1i.php Thanks
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