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  1. ashaanti maathi shaanti ko bijaya hos ghrinaa maathi prem ko vijaya hos khuttaa taanaa-taan ko maathi haatemalo ko vijaya hos mero pani subhakaamanaa
  2. I was also in sir ballabbhai college for 2 months before i went to dhaka is it the same college u r in?
  3. manoj

    To You!

    sorry it got repeated! I posted it by mistake. My other poem is Maya MAYA How can I be so blind with the inner eye that you have given? How can I be so dumb with the intellect that you have given? By all your grace I can see you behind the play By all your grace I can see you,see you say c'mmon lets play lets play with maya Lets take some emotions Lets hold some bindings Lets set some goals Lets play c'mmon lets play with maya Lets go to the seashore Lets collect some sand in hand Lets make a home of sand Lets play c'mmon lets play with maya By your all grace I know you are my home I know you are my destination By your all grace nothing else matters & you say c'mmon lets play Lets play with maya
  4. manoj

    The Butterfly

    maun ji ...someone rightly said i m not afraid of diving into ocean coz it's the ocean of immortality..so r u slipping into divinity.
  5. manoj

    To You!

    I melt again with the warm sun in the morning I flow again with the soft breeze in the evening I dance again with the butterflies in the noon In intervals I forget myself My boundaries get washed away with the rain again In betweeen I pause & recollect my identity I redraw my boundaries But again birds come flying in a flock & fly me away At times I try to feel grounded feel my home-ground But again a rainbow & i am gone to the sky Again & again I am lost from here & gone somewhere I dunno if it is to you!
  6. Fees is around 2000$ per year-only academic fee You can apply through Bangladesh Embassy at Chakrapath. All the best Manoj
  7. manoj

    my feelings

    love is what we give pain is when we need
  8. manoj

    some of my feelings

    mouth is silent yet it speaks it's dark outside yet inside it glows ..it's best defined when not defined it's the mystery to be felt and understood isn't it? By the way , life is like a coconut pain is the shell and love the water inside
  9. manoj

    read me

    hey,who denied you? Don't say you,yourself.
  10. We have to come out of the comfort zone to move closer to the truth.what u say?
  11. we just slaves of hormones..what about cheating with oxytocin spray?
  12. Very well said People are but agents and we are here for working out our karmas and being closer to God. I want to quote some lines: Working for yourself is slavery working for others is a worship working for worship is freedom
  13. manoj

    Upon Him

    Yea i must admit a lot of changes within myself-a sea change as they say. Recently i have been more spiritually inclined.I was very much moved by the spiritual inclination of Rabindanarth Tagore in Geetanjali.Anyway my whole way of thinking changed after I read "gospels of Sri Ramakrishna".its a wonderful book!! Vivekananda says"O children of immortal bliss ,shake off the delusion that you are sheep ,you are lions eternally free,you are the spirit not the matter never born never to be dead"
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