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  1. Please discuss about WNSO scholarship distribution in Nepal. As WNSO UK have already decided to sent relevant amount annually, for this reason pls make a action plan i.e. how to invite for scholarship, how to select etc, There is thread somewhere regarding amount available for this purpose. Dinesh
  2. Congratulation to Nepal Team.
  3. Congratulation to International Committee.
  4. what we get there ? Free Domain ? FTP access, mail box ? web mail ? DG
  5. That mean it was WNSO UK not WNSO Nepal. Credit bhaneko hakdaarlai dinu paarchha Joy bhai, ki kaso? Matlav... .WNSO UK donated Rs. 25000/- to Setidevi Lower Sec School........shirshak hunu parne thiyo ki????????? that's approxiamtely £200...it seems alot more has been raised from the donation list...what's happening to the rest??!! DM, rest is in WNSO's Bank account. We collect about £20 per month from monthly donation and some money from google advert. If you could please join the team for monthly donation and where possible please ask your friends and families. we will appreciate your contribution, if any doubts about donation transaction please feel free to post here or if you are in UK visit WNSO office for full list of statements, make sure arrange appointment with me. dinesh
  6. Do we know the name of that School ? Dinesh
  7. Nepali students were cheated by AGENTS back at Kathmandu and by Univeristy as well. Nepali daily highlits this news in it's todays front page. Please read full news: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nepali students stranded in Holland NITYA NANDA TIMSINA KATHMANDU, DEC 25 The lure of a European degree has left many Nepali students stranded in the Netherlands. The Dutch Delta University (DDU) and a Kathmandu-based educational consultancy, Softwarica, allegedly fed Nepali students wrong information have landed them in trouble in a foreign land. Though no data is available, a student recruiting agent in Kathmandu said an estimated 70 Nepali students are currently studying at DDU. The latter is offering them free air tickets home and an option for an online degree in Nepal after amassing thousands of Euros as six months' tuition fees and insurance. Prakash Timilsina, a student originally from Panauti, told our correspondent that dozens of students who came to the university with dreams of quality higher education have been cheated. Timilsina himself saw an advert in a newspaper that lured him to the Netherlands. Hundreds of students attended a seminar at a star hotel in Kathmandu on September 2, 2004 where they were told about Dutch work-study programs. They thought this was a wonderful opportunity for them to grab an European degree. "Mr Deelstra (president of DDU) had also attended the seminar and assured us that everything was very easy in the Netherlands. He told us that we could work three hours a day," Timilsina said. Each student paid 4,050 to 6,000 euros, which covered 6 months' tuition fee, insurance and a residence permit. But once they landed at the university, they were told that they could work only 10 hours a week. Now, they don't have money to make the rest of the installment payments. Returning to Nepal without a degree seems even more humiliating as their parents have already spent a huge amount. Arjun Dahal from Lakeside, Pokhara, Bhola Pudasaini of Kathmandu, Umesh Rijal of Jhapa and Bishal Prasain made headlines in the Netherlands after they told the local press that they were cheated by their university. "We were badly treated by the University and IND," Dahal said. Ghanashyam Ghimire, manager of Softwarica, dismissed the allegations. "Not all students are complaining. We have sent many others. We are ready to face legal action if we had done anything wrong." Similarly, Jules Plevier, director of Education at DDU, denied having lied to Nepali students in Kathmandu. "The university is trying to send Nepalese students back to Nepal with free air tickets and an option for an online degree, where students will be supported by a local representative," he said in an e-mail sent to the KOL. An official at the Consulate of the Netherlands, requesting anonymity said, "Hundreds of Nepalese have entered Western Europe in recent years due to conflict in Nepal." The official also accused the educational consultancies of taking advantage of Nepal's precarious situation to make profits. Source: http://kantipuronline.com/knews.php 26/12/2005
  8. may be, it will be busy or may not be because of Internet access at some villages and even in towns.
  9. Deven ji, I do not manage to attend the event, Could you please update about it, what is his analysis and options available in current situation. What about new representative ?
  10. No comments and any suggestions and advise and help from any member, any reason ?
  11. TV Script file attached. Dinesh WNSO_TV_Script.doc
  12. dinesh

    WNSO Meetings

    WNSO Meetings
  13. I sent constitution by email today please check. I’m delighted to understand towards establishing WNSO Nepal on the ground and the initiatives you and other colleagues have taken. Regarding authority of WNSO central committee and WNSO Nepal is as discussed publicly; WNSO UK initiated the idea and will remain influential member of the Network. WNSO Nepal will report to WNSO international committee which is under process of formation. But WNSO UK and it’s members will do their best to support in all aspect of management, organisation, co-ordination and financial support of WNSO Nepal. A part from that WNSO UK is planning to establish own Scholarship in co-ordination with WNSO Nepal and I trust other member network will follow suite. As we are planning to draft framework of WNSO International Committee which will draft all the guidelines and programmes and selection process of each network, for this reason until we finalise this international committee WNSO Nepal will report it’s activities to WNSO UK which is acting as WNSO central committee. I can assure you that WNSO UK will do their best to help and support to establish WNSO Nepal on the ground and continue it’s activities. If you need further info or assistance please email us at info@wnso.org With regards, Dinesh Gautam
  14. If you have not finish reading script pls do so and drop some comments. If you have finished please drop your comments, these sort of things will expose WNSO outside to wider audience, for this reaso we really need to master mind and polish and finalise. Not received copy yet, pls let me know. Everyones comment will be highly appreciate. Anyone had chance to check copy I sent regarding structure and tpoics we aim to cover on our """Welcome pack""" ? Seems Himal ji and sanjiv are missing these days ? Dinesh ** I have attached both files. Student_Welcome_Pack.pdf
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