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  1. Hi friends, How are you doing? I am seeking a help from WNSO-UK friends or those who are aware of colleges in London. I am wondering what kind of college Twinuk.com is? My sister-in-law seems to have submitted a significant amount of money to an Education Consultancy in Kathmandu to pursue her 10+2 in this college. I have a doubt whether any school in UK accepts high school students from abroad. Looking at the website, I realized that it is not an accredited college in London that can be compared with other known institutions. Have you found any Nepalese students being cheated by such consultancies, and that they are living in the middle of nowhere after getting in the UK? There are a considerable number of agencies that give false hopes to Nepalese students about study abroad and cheat them at the end. Tendency seems to be nothing but a human trafikking. Heard that dozens of Nepalease students have applied to this .com company, including my sis-n-law. I had told her to ask me before attempting to apply to figure out whether the prospective college has a www.---.ac.uk web address, assuming that colleges with such web addresses might be registered to the Government Education Board and committed to education. She did not ask me anything about it before applying. Now, she realized that she is doing wrong, when the agency asked her to add another 60K rupees on the top of previous deposit. There is no way to correct it, but some preventive measures can still be taken if pertinent information about that institution is made available. You are the only person who can give us some information. So, I would heartly appreciate your cooperation Cheers, Ramji
  2. So far I remember, there was a thread where only ICC members could participate in. Can you set such a thread to discuss issues related to ICC and WNSO conference? Nice words Kharel jee.
  3. For immigration to the USA, please follow the instruction available in http://www.uscis.gov .
  4. At what level are you planning to study in the USA? Medical microbiology is not a big deal if you are planning to pursue your Master's or Graduate Course. You may get an assistantship as well. However, To pursue Bachelor on your own would be fairly costly (at least $20,000/year for an international student). However, there are ways you can manage it. You had better contact your prospective department for details. Goodluck.
  5. Arjun Jyu, Congratulations. WNSO has recognized your invaluable contribution to this organization. I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts and dedication to make WNSO a platform for Nepalese students all over the world. With good wishes, Ramji
  6. I agree that we should always be positive, but literally we should always be aware of negative consequences of our efforts to safeguard the future. In Nepal, we are accustomed to spoken deals, in fact the world does not follow it. Only practised all over are the written deals. If our country had ever practised it, we would not see such a scenario. Written evidence of order/command is required for the pursuance of any official follow ups. Done so, I am sure that corruption rate would decline significantly. There are tons of things we know but cannot practice. We need a complete revolution and an overturn of our current political leadership, so that older machineries can be replaced with the new and intelligent functional robots. In fact, this is never going to happen in Nepal. We are going to vote for the same face for half a century, hereafter. Who to blame, Leaders or the People! Cheers. Ramji
  7. If 12 grade system is brought into common practice, I guess there would not be any extra examination to reach grade 12. A regular student can take a chance to have high school degree, when he/she passes out of class 12, and there should not be any board examinations controlled by a single body. Students may face examinations to enter universities. No worries, there will be universities that accept medium to low grade students, as well. We need a competition in the university markets in the country.
  8. Friends, can you ever imagine an SLC examiner fails 80% of students when he is not satisfied with the hand-writings? I have seen such a teacher. I (early 10th grader) have also examined some SLC math papers under his command, as I was his one of students getting tuitions on mathematics. Sorry, examiners name cannot be disclosed. Furthermore, I have seen a teacher who took over more than 1000 SLC exam papers (English) just for the money he used to get from checking them out. I have seen him asking his son to put marks in the answersheet. His son passed every student, but gave an average score to all, irrespective of what the examinee wrote in the answersheet. "I am very much against the SLC system in Nepal"-- kahi nabhaeko niyam hamro deshama matra hunu parne!!! What is the benefit of keeping SLC system intact? Comments and views are welcome. Bhandr
  9. Dear Friends, Nepalese students in Washington State University are planning to organize a program during UP-all-night event on the 28th of September. Some posters explaining Nepalese dresses, culture and natural beauty will be posted on the wall of our Stall, besides cultural program and fashion show. We have posters for dresses and sceneries, but not for dressed typical Nepalese. We are having hard time finding them in the internet. If you have any, could you please help us get some pictures of "Daura-surwal lagaeka Nepali thita/thiti". Your cooperation will be highly appreciated. Bhandr. Washington State University Pullman, WA 99163, USA. bhandr@yahoo.com
  10. Dear Friends, Sorry for the absence. I am pleased by the achievements of WNSO-Nepal. Many thanks- Executive Committee. Good wishes, Ramji, USA.
  11. Certificates online post garnu risky ho jasto lagchha. Please, maintain your privacy. It is my personal suggestion. -Bhandr
  12. May your dreams come true Happy New Year 2007
  13. Thanks Joy jee for information. Are you thinking of having a few hours of introduction and discussion program before the dinner starts? To me, costs in both restaurants sound reasonable, but I don`t know whether or not other members are comfortable with it. Since I have not been to Kathmandu for more than 3 years, I am not much versed about traffic and security in the metropolitan. Getting back home (Narayansthan, Budhanilkantha) would be my concern. I do not have private car, and traffic would be lowest in the night time, I guess. Any idea for transportation? I am sorry if my worry is funny. Bhandr.
  14. Hi Joy jee, I will participate anyday if organized between dashain and tihar. Simplest with beverages will be the best. Bhandr
  15. Bharat jee, This is the great start. Many thanks for your wonderful efforts. After everything is done with the Institute, we will have to discuss about how to select the candidates. Many undergraduate scholarships are awarded to foreign students who are already in the university, but under a self-support schemes. Will that Institute accept freshmen from Nepal? I guess they do, but still have a doubt. -Bhandr
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