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  1. I think you just have to copy those files to fonts directory, it will install automatically. What's the file extension?
  2. >> If I set a rule in Outlook 2003 to forward all messages from that account to another Outlook account, is there an option to also keep those messages within the original mailbox? Yes, it will keep those messages in that mailbox and forwards a copy. If you have Exchange server then you just select the people and distribution list and select the user from the Global Address list while creating a rule. If you are forwarding to external user then you just have to create a contact then select the people and distribution list and select the user from the contacts. I have not tried just using POP3 but you can try. >> Also, will the Inbox that's recieving the forwarded messages indicate that they're from the forwarding account Yes, when it forwards the email will be received from the forwarded account.
  3. You need to enable NFS and RDP NFS uses port 2049 RDP uses port 3389 You may need to enable other AD related ports. I think you will be setting up trust relattionships. For me I just create a vpn between 2 sites then control everything from AD.
  4. check this out http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windows7/...ows-7-beta.aspx
  5. Wireless Troubleshooting Problem: Inability to Connect and the wireless doesn’t receive the single. 1.It could be the Wireless adapter driver issue. Upgrade the latest driver. Or use Microsoft WLAN Autoconfig service. 2.You may need to update the software or firmware in your wireless router or access point. 3.Changing wireless networking channels. 4.Incorrect configuration. The mismatch might be in the form of different authentication settings, incompatible equipment, or other configuration issues. 5.Check access control (MAC) address filtering. 6.The wireless AP and wireless network adapter are not using the same 802.11 standard (for example, you are using an 802.11b network adapter and a 802.11a wireless AP) 7.The wireless radio button on the computer might be in the off position Problem: Intermittent Connectivity and the most common scenario is an automatic disconnect about every 3 minutes 1.802.1X authentication is enabled for wireless network that does not support 802.1X authentication. You may disable 802.1X authentication. 2.The computer is running Microsoft wireless software and wireless manufacturer software. 3.Disable IPv6. 4.Disable NIC power management 5.Re-set NIC speed. 6.Radio frequency (RF) interference from nearby devices such as cordless phone and Bluetooth devices 7.Outdated wireless network adapter driver Problem: The wireless loses the connection after sleep mode. 1.Use the Maximum Performance setting. by default the wireless network adapter is configured to use Medium Power Save mode when it is using battery power. This uses the 802.11 power save mode. You may want to configure the wireless network adapter to use the Maximum Performance setting. 2.Use the “High performance” power plan To do this, please follow these steps: 1.Click Start , type Power Options in the Start Search box, and then click Power Options in the Programs list. 2. Click High performance. Problem: The wireless doesn’t work in Vista. 1.Upgrade the latest wireless driver. 2.Use Vista wireless software instead of the manufacturer’s software. 3.In many cases, if you turn the security off, the wireless may work. 4.In other cases, no security didn’t work. try both WEP and WPA.
  6. You must enroll for new course. You need 1. A letter of enrollment from your College. 2. At least 3 months bank statement. 3. Exam Certificate. 4. Two copies of Passport size photo. 5. Application form filled by your college for you attendence etc. Not everybody but some of the students were asked to submit a letter from a person who is supporting for their study. Better get the application form, everything you need are listed there.
  7. If you have option to forward your email then you can. Just setup a forwarder to another email account. But unfortunately Hotmail and Yahoo do not support email forwarding (not sure whether they have updated recently) so you won't be able to check your hotmail/yahoo using gmail account. Gmail does support email forwarding. You can setup email forwarding from gmail to Hotmail or some other account.
  8. Download and install these patches Update for Windows Vista (KB938194) This is a reliability update. Install this update to improve the reliability of Windows Vista in certain scenarios. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en Update for Windows Vista (KB938979) This is a performance update. Install this update to improve the performance of Windows Vista in certain scenarios. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en
  9. As long as you can install the software you can run that program in compatiblity mode Getting Older Programs to Run in Vista To run a particular application in compatibility mode, right-click the program's icon, click Properties, and select the Compatibility tab. After you put a check next to Run this program in compatibility mode, you'll be able to select a specific version of Windows (including XP Service Pack 2) that you want Vista to emulate when running the program. Remove Default RSS feeds from the Common Feed List Start Internet Explorer Open the Favorites Center (ALT+C) Click on the feeds menu Right click on the ones you want to remove and select “Delete“ Install games that come with Vista Some versions of Windows Vista don’t have the games already installed. Here is how to install them. Click the Start Orb Click Control Panel Click Programs and Features At the side there should be “Turn Windows features on or off”, Click that. Click the box by Games Click Ok Talk to your computer Goto Control Panel Click Speech Recognition Click Start Speech Recognition Now you can tell your computer what to do! Be sure to take the Speech Tutorial first to get your computer use to your voice. Check Your Memory Sometimes when a system crashes a lot or behaves erratically, the cause may be faulty RAM. You can use Windows Vista's Memory Diagnostics Tool to run a memory test that's far more comprehensive than the POST test done when the system boots. The only catch is that the test can only be run before Windows loads, so when you launch the Memory Diagnostic Tool you'll have the choice to restart the system immediately or have the test run the next time you restart. Resize Disk Partitions Without Data Loss Vista will allow you to change the size of an existing disk partition without wiping out your data. From the Start menu, right-click Computer and choose Manage. Then select Disk Management and select the partition you want to change. You can then choose either Extend Volume or Shrink Volume and specify a new size. Today's news about Vista fixes http://www.techworld.com/opsys/news/index.cfm?newsid=9662 More next time......
  10. You can easily find these but just to make it easy for you, here they are 1. Vista keyboard shortcuts 2. Vista compare Vista_Compare.doc Keyboard_Shortcut_Commands_for_Vista.doc
  11. Few more tips Some programs have already been designed to work in conjunction with Vista’s UAC – and will not install if you have selected to turn UAC off. For Example Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8. You will receive an error similar to "The Temp folder is on a drive that is full or is inaccessible. Free up space on the drive or verify that you have write permission on the temp folder". Not even running the exe as a administrator will allow you to install. Just reboot your PC. If an application refuses to install because it needs ‘Admin rights’, even though you’re an admin, right click the exe and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ Vista appears to not like graphics cards from different manufacturers. Make sure any additional cards are from the same manufacturer if Vista gives you graphics issues. (So far nvidia seems better supported than ATI but this is only from a couple of cards) The local administrator account is disabled by default The biggest difference between the firewall settings Home, Office and Public is that Public locks down your PC’s visibility on the network and Network discovery is turned off To change the function of the ‘power’ button on the task bar go to ‘Control Panel>Power Options’. Click on ‘Change when my computer sleeps’ on the left. Click on ‘Change advanced power settings’ and expand ‘Power buttons and lid’. If you need the command prompt during Vista install (eg to run diskpart) press Shift+F10. To launch an application as administrator with minimal effort press the Windows key, type the app in the search bar (eg CMD) and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. This will run CMD as administrator! If you type ‘color 4f’ in the CMD window you can then differentiate it from the regular permission screens. Vista Activation Error 0x8007232B. If you get this error while activating IGNORE MS’s advice about activation servers etc, just re-enter the product key you installed Vista with in the first place. To run ipconfig commands you have to run command prompt as an administrator To delete the undeletable create a batch command delete.bat, as follows: takeown /f %1 /r /d y icacls %1 /grant administrators:F /t Go to command prompt, run a command such as delete.bat hard_to_delete_filename more next time.. Please feel free to ask questions, I will try my best to reply
  12. Minimum system requirements to run Vista's Aero Glass feature • DirectX 9 video card • Pixel shader 2.0 support • AGP 4x or better or PCI Express video cards are recommended. • At least 64 MB of video memory for standard resolution monitors. More will be needed for high resolution or multiple monitor setups. • A special WDDM video driver keep getting "Access Denied" errors when saving files By default, Windows Vista's file settings are opened with "normal user" settings despite the fact that you may be the system administrator. In order to give yourself permission to edit and save these files, follow the instructions outlined below: 1.Go to Start 2.In the Search box, type: explorer 3.Right click "Windows Explorer" 4.Select "Run As Administrator" Every setting change within Windows Explorer at this point will be given full Administrator permissions. 5.Find the folder that contains the file or files that you wish to edit. 6.Right click the folder. 7.Select Properties. 8.Click the Security tab. 9.Select Edit>> Add 10.If you are the sole administrator and do not wish to let others modify these files, type your user name and press Enter. Or, just type: "Users" and then press Enter. 11.Place a checkmark next to the entry titled: "Allow Full Control" 12.Click OK, then OK once again. System Specifications Vista Capable PC's Minimum Requirements: •800 MHz Intel-compatible processor •512MB of RAM •DirectX 9.0-Capable Graphics Processor Premium Ready PC's Recommended Requirements: •1 GHz Intel-compatible processor •1GB RAM •DirectX 9.0-Capable Graphics Processor, with 128MB graphics memory. (64MB of graphics memory to support a single monitor less than 1,310,720 pixels [no more than 1440x900]; 128MB of graphics memory to support a single monitor at resolutions from 1,310,720 to 2,304,000 pixels [no more than 1920x1200]; 256MB of graphics memory to support a single monitor at resolutions higher than 2,304,000 pixels [more than 1920x1200]). •40GB HD with at least 15GB "free space" Reduce Desktop Icon Size By default, Windows Vista sets the size of your desktop icons to a "medium" setting. If this setting has the icons appearing to large for your preference, here's how to reduce them back to a more "Classic" look: 1. Right click an empty area of the desktop. 2. Select "View" and then select "Classic icons". Extend A Partition Using The Windows Vista DVD To extend a partition using the Windows Vista DVD proceed as follows: 1. Switch on your PC 2. Quickly insert the Vista DVD into your CD.DVD-ROM drive 3. A message will appear asking you to 'Press any key to boot from CD.DVD 4. Press any key 5. A black screen will now appear with a progress bar along the bottom. The legend say's 'Windows is loading files' 6. After the files have been loaded the Language screen will appear. 7. Select your language from the list and press Next 8. At the Installation screen press the Install Now button 9. The product key window will now open 10. Type your product key number into the available box and then press OK 11. The End user Licence Agreement now appears. You 'must' accept this to continue 12. At the next screen click on the Custom Install (Advanced) option 13. The next screen to appear is 'Where do you want to install Windows' 14. At the bottom of this window you will see an option marked Drive options (Advanced), click on this option 15. In this Window select the partition you wish to Extend from the list available and then click the Extend option link 16. A box will appear beneath the Extend option which you can you can use to type in the size of the extension you want the partition to have. After you have typed in the size click OK to proceed 17. A message will now appear informing you that 'Extending a partition is not a reversible action. If you proceed, you will not be able to undo this action later.' Press OK to proceed. 18. Your Partition will now be extended by the required amount Windows Vista unable to see other computers or other computers are unable to see Windows Vista By default, any network you connect to your computer is considered a Public (insecure) network. This causes Windows Vista to use stricter settings which may prevent discovery and file sharing. To allow your Windows Vista computer to access other computers on your network and vice versa, follow these steps: 1.Click Start 2.Click Control Panel 3.Click Network and Internet 4.Click Network and Sharing Center 5.Look under the Network heading 6.Click the Customize link to the right of the network heading 7.If this is not set to Private, click Private, click Next, and then Close. 8.Look under the Sharing and Discovery heading 9.Make sure Network Sharing and File Sharing is turned on. If they aren't, click the down arrow next to them and click the option that turns them on. Make Vista look like an older version of Windows Right-click the Start button, select Properties, and choose Classic Start Menu to get a Start menu that's composed primarily of cascading menus that lead to programs. Right-click the desktop, select Personalize, and double-click Theme to choose the Windows Classic theme Take both of these steps, and Vista will have a decidedly old-school, Windows 2000-like flavor. More next time....
  13. Questions and Answers - You have run checks on the BIOS of the workstations and to boot from DVD-ROM is not allowed. What should you do? You should update the BIOS. - You run setup.exe from the Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition DVD to install Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. Which directory will hold the old operating system ? Windows.OLD directory - To install Microsoft Windows Vista on XP computers. The packaging lists only the minimum requirements. What should you do? Run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. - The video cards on all the computers have just been upgraded to a Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) compatible card. You thus need to configure the desktop for Windows Aero. What should you do? Set Color to 32 bit. Set the Color Scheme to Windows Aero. Set theme to Windows Vista - You need to remove any Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 7 add-ons in Microsoft Windows Vista computers that do not have prior approval from the following authorities: Microsoft System manufacturer Service provider Remove any add-ons that are not found in the list of add-ons that run without requiring permission. - A router that performs Network Address Translation (NAT) is installed between your computer and the Internet. The router fails. You connect the computer directly to the Internet. You need to ensure that the computer is connected to the Internet in the most secure manner possible. What should you do? Configure the network category of your network connection to Public. - Your computer has Microsoft Windows Firewall enabled. Your child plays an online game that uses connectionless traffic over port 5678 for inbound and outbound traffic. You need to prevent your child from playing this game. What should you do? Create an outbound rule in Windows Firewall to block UDP port 5678. - You install Microsoft Windows Vista on a computer. You will share the computer with another user. You need to prevent the user from making unauthorized changes to the computer. What should you do? Create a standard user account for the user. - You need to identify if malware is causing performance issues on your computer. What should you do? Start a Windows Defender scan. - You need to configure the local security policy setting to request a user name and password when you make changes to the computer system. What should you do? Configure the User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval mode setting to the Prompt for credentials option. - You install a third-party application on your computer. The application uses port 80 to negotiate a listening port. After establishing the listening port, the application uses dynamic ports above 6000. You need to configure Microsoft Windows Firewall to allow traffic for the application. What should you do? Add a program exception for the new application - You run a Windows Defender scan on your computer. You notice a valid program listed in Quarantined Items. You need to use this program on your computer. What should you do? Restore the program from the Quarantined Items list. More next time .....
  14. A lot of us still visit but don't login I guess :-) I will try my best.... Please click on the attachment thumbnail to find out what I am talking about.
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