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  1. Kina kina, I want to see transformation in Nepal. Mero krantikaripan yetti ho. Aru affiliations malai man pardaina!
  2. Good to see some nice forumers, keenly interested in this students forum!
  3. La hai Amerika ma WNSO members haru bandai chan .. dherai ramro, ani bimal kahan hunuhunchha achel ..? katai musafir matra ta hoina?
  4. rajesh, can you please type slowly, wbso ki wnso ani wnso bangladesh le ta Ram Chandra Manandhar lai world peace ko lagi bhanera fund raise garya hola .. ani what about sri lanka ? Can wnso members from sri lanka add the rejoice of him? and WNSO Nepal lai chahin thaha bhayena ki kya ho .. nepal bata bahira jaanda sayad Ram Chandra Manandhar lai wnso ko barema thaha nai thiyena hola .. ahh sachi. TARA WAHAN KO EFFORTS LAI SALAAM !
  5. Even I am logging back after some long period.
  6. As far as I am aware, are Sujita Lamichhane of WNSO, there at sri lanka. They should meet each other.
  7. Nepal ra Nepali ko bhawishya ramro huna garna parne kuraharu :: ramro mihinet garne, bhul bhulaiya ma nalagne, neta lai damn care, kaam ko mahatwo rakhne, rule of law lai support garne, bidesi sanga eekh line, bishesh bharat ra paschima haru dekhi satark rahane. abhivadan saheet, jai naya nepal.
  8. Dear Nepalese Students, The death of 21-year old Mr. Ashok Bhattarai who was shot during the store robbery where he was working in the evening of Sept 28, 2008 made all the Nepalese shocked. Mr. Ashok Bhattarai was a student of Houston Community College. After twists and turns, his body was sent to home country with the help of fellow Nepalese friends and his store-master. Nepalese Embassy under the mgmt. of Dr. Suresh Chandra Chalise has given priority to festive-dollar-mood rather than a humanitarian effort for bringing back the body of junior Nepalese (ray of hope for new Nepal). I cannot express my extreme anger and grief on this forum , but just trying to keep pictures of Chalise and our beloved Bhattarai. TRIBUTES.
  9. hey afu chahi Flickr use garne ani hamilai bhanne!!?? I also don't use such sites. Time consuming.
  10. Dear NPaudel, as you have pointed 'particular' courses, rare ppls can share about 'particular' issues. Being particular is being yourself. Please be yourself and share generalities or contemporaries. Sharing particular interest is good, but extracting ideas from general is better. Hope that you will get success in one of the universities. Also, here in WNSO-Chautari, many ppls are here from the UK. please login regs.
  11. TP , u look such diplomatic poster. You are asking ur sincere queries and too u r assigning a after the post. Me too an unmarried female in here. Slowly getting addicted to CHAUTARI .. this addiction is 100 % harmless and 0% useless.
  12. I was not aware about that ! Sachi education ma pani MAFIA !!
  13. i wonder why they are just wondering around mazzako. can u plz. encourage them to login in chautari? just suggs.. please take this easily.
  14. I am interested in painting! Can u guys let me follow where can i post my scanned paintings here in chautari? anyways nice poem by bedofthorns
  15. Aba dipesh le chai mero 1111 ma mark garchhu nabhannus hai!
  16. Khoi Mohan Tara jee, euta thanks dina pardaina! eso log in garne garnus hai!
  17. Yo sabai Congress ko sarkar tikaune khel ho.. aru kehi hoina .. natra yetro 'inclusion' bhayeko bela kina madheshi forum haru bina lagaam karauchan?
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