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  1. IF anybody wanna inquiry about good colleges for better quality of education in Bangladesh. we are here to help you by all means.. Thanks Rakesh Shah drakeshah@wnso.org
  2. Dear all WNSO bangladesh has published nepali calender of year 2067 B.S. please give a glance to this calender.. i have attached the calender herewith. Rakesh Shah
  3. Worldwide Nepalese Students’ Organisation (WNSO), Bangladesh is calling all the Nepalese students in Bangladesh to submit theiressays under the theme “ManySpecies: One Planet, One Future”, which correlates to this year beingobserved as “The International Year of Biodiversity”. World Environment Day (WED) isa day that stimulates awareness of the environment and enhances politicalattention and public action. June 5 is celebratedas the World Environment Day. The first World Environment Daywas in 1973. As always, on this day, various activities take place all aroundthe world. However, celebrating just one day for the environment which gives usso much doesn’t seem right to us. Even if itdoesn’t change our life style completely, it’ll at least make us think aboutwhat we’re doing, to ourselves, and the environment. Nepal Environment Week (NEW) is a campaign starting from 30 May2010 till 5 June 2010. The motto of NEW campaign is “Awareness withInnovation”. The campaign will be focused in raising awareness andadvocating people in different Environment issues in a differentway with innovation. All the interested Nepalese are called to submit their essay (max. 400 words) along withscanned Passport and campus ID (if applicable) to drakeshah@wnso.org or bangladesh@wnso.org . The lastdate of submission is June 20, 2010. Conditions: 1) The executive committee member of WNSO, Bangladesh are requested not to participate inthe competition. 2) The selected top 5 essays along withthe name of the respective essayists will be published on the websites. 3) The selected essayists will be awardedwith exciting prizes . In case of any further concern, please do not hesitate to contact us at +8801710984847, +8801675125565, +8801675649915,+8801715437612… Thanking You Rakesh Shah (President) WNSO - Bangladesh Contact:-+8801710984847,+8801671895770 Email:-drakeshah@gmail.com drakeshah@wnso.org drakeshah@hotmail.com
  4. hey razan..do you wanna study here in current session..but i guess its late for that...anyways if you try then you get admission in some colleges..the price depends upon the colleges...it will cost around $26000-$35000..it depends upon the colleges...i can tell u about the specific college..but in which college u want to get admission...by the way in which college your sister is studying here??for more information mail me at drakeshah@wnso.org thanks... Rakesh
  5. WNSO Bangladesh is gonna publish new year calender for all the nepalese in bangladesh n all over the world...
  6. so u wanted to study MBBS in Bangladesh in 2010 session.....buts its already to late...better try next year....u can get admission in some pvt.colleges now....
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