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  1. Dulal ! I liked your pictures.This one is most fav of mine.A locak cock! Rocking ur town.Hey you too keep on rocking! oh nice !!!! heres mine http://www.flickr.com/photos/camerabhai/show/
  2. didnt really noticed that it would be my first ... anyway I was just cruising this forum to find some enthusiastic photographers. I want to share some portfolios and need feedbacks, being very new to this field. I dont know why but finding so many great photos and photographers on internet , my heart still opt for Nepalese photographers works, maybe its got to do with flavor from east or perhaps my dogmatic view ...whatever...
  3. Narayan Gopal mmmm... my favorite song is " Bipana nabhai bachi dine ,ma bhitra ka mera pyara sapana " Whenever I listen to this song my past seems so vividly clear ,all those dreams and imagination I had.... well you might not feel the same way coz its supposed to be individualistic. I heard, Gopal yonzan and Narayan gopal used to compose music despite their neighbors playing very loud western music. They said true nepalese music cannot be blemished by any other music, it is sung and composed by heart. You know sometime I wonder why cant this generation produce another Narayan gopal or produce songs like him??? Have we run out of good lyricist?(Kaile-kaile geet lekna kojchu, maile lekchu bahneko geet narayan gopal ko geet ma pachu ....pisses me off ) However, me mind is really outre, doesnt always think in one way, smtime I also think that being narayanins and always listening to that era we have overlooked our generation music or say My generation music(im single 21 by the way). How many of you narayanins would go to Nepalese metal concerts or head banging concerts??? smtime i find beautiful colors of melody swathed in metal musics. It is very hard for me being true narayanins and deviating slowly towards different kinds of music,even western music or hindhi music. I think we cannot juxtapose narayan vs present np singers... both are totally different in their own way and both i should say are winners. I think not many narayanins have opened their window for new music and I mean new nepalese music, it is always difficult to override what already there but smtime it can be rewarding as well..... Opps sry for hijacking this topic!!!! i always do this -carried away by narayanins vibe.
  4. camerabhai

    Opera house during night

    Opera house during night
  5. camerabhai

    katoomba bush walk original

    eklai bush walking gako....actually not eklai coz i had my camera and tripod with me; weather condition very cloudy ..... kam thiena jpt kichdai baseko
  6. camerabhai

    katoomba bush walk

  7. camerabhai


    x cxc
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