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  1. b-mal ji, howz life going there? I think Canada needs many thousand immigrants still, though some of the countries like UK, AUS, USA has lessened the numbers over the years but CANADA is demanding more every year. In 2009 ,the government has set eyes on 250,000 new immigrants. The economy recession has not affected the market in most provinces except Ontario and Toronto areas. You can visit below links and find abundant information. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/ski.../tool/index.asp who can apply? http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/index.asp
  2. though not in your ITENANARY but welcome you here in Calgary. Do u have any plan?
  3. expecting all the members to bring some creative ideas for discussion. Most importantly, we welcome every member's advices, suggestions and ideas. plz, let us know.
  4. Dear Friends, We know somehow all of us are less active in the past some years. However WNSO is still on TOP due to its unique theme. Let's join HANDS to make WNSO more vibrant organization. WNSO has been continuously working on various fronts, specifically, in EDUCATION and YOUTH fronts. In this regard, WNSO has been leading the movement to widen its base around the globe. We were in the constant discussion with our senior management and valued members to for WNSO-NA(North America). We finally came to conclusion about its executive committee. After long discussion and advices, we came up with following team for the WNSO-NA which will hold/choose general meeting/executive in the earliest time within a year. WNSO-NA Committee 1. Ram Ji Bhandari - President 2. Pradip Ghimire - Vice President 3. Benktesh Sharma - Secretary 4. Damber Thapa - Member 5. Chakra Balayar - Member 6. Narayan P Nyaupane - member 7. Shobha KC - member 8. Uttam Karki - member 9. Rajesh Koirala - member Thank you.
  5. that's really awesome. Great start. We had Manoj once from there who was doing MBBS, but i don't think he is still there. BTW, which university do u go?
  6. I suggest to make them GUEST member till that day. What you guys think? Thank you.
  7. great job WNSO. It's really great to see WNSO working hard. Thanks specially to WNSO UK team.
  8. The tuition fee ranges from 2000 to 3,500 canadian dollar for International student taking graduate programs. As far as scholarship is concerned, every university provides but in limited numbers. Hence, it's clear that you should demonstrate that you're the one most qualified and falls under the number. Personally, I suggest you as follows: 1. Analyze universities and narrow down the list of universities you find yourself competance. 2. Prepare documents and some extra recommendation, experience, work portfolios 3. Take a risk by applying online (you may loose 100$ in case you're rejected) 4. Apply couple of universities if you can afford. 5. Be ready for the follow ups. Once you're here, you'll be supported anyway for tuition fees ( I can't say more about living and other expenses) by different kinds of funding like Marking, Lab Assistant (T.A, G.T.A) etc...
  9. he is in the middle but which direction? --> or
  10. thank you friends for all your efforts to root WNSO
  11. The graduate education in Canada is one of the most supported and cheapest in the world. The fee will be around 1500 to 2000 canadian dollar per semester and the living cost ranges between 400 per month to 700 per month depending upon your choice of rent apt or sharing room. The basic criteria for MBA is to have TOEFL/GMAT or take some undergraduate course if you have no BBA or related experience. I have found MBA quite lucrative field here, and lot scarcity of the products. If you need any further or specific region interest or detail, do not hesitate to post your query. I will try my best.
  12. We must start the radio program. But ever green problem is time investment. We should form a team of some enthusiastic new comers and seniors back in Nepal and a help team of those who are not in Nepal.
  13. so many activities are going on. You guys are brave heart ppl. Good luck and all the best for the preparation and success.
  14. Kudos Tilak bhai. Hope many more will be groomed in the the days ahead.
  15. to vote, u just click TO_VOTE and clikc on the VOTE FOR PROJECT, then you choose whatever project you like. There are two finalists from Nepal. Voted both.
  16. i am also thrilled with WNSO Nepal action and activities. But, what I should prefer is cost effectiveness. Plz, let's follow cost control measure. We can minimize by searching sponsor, lessening token of love, tea etc. from next time. goood luck. thank u.
  17. Prashad Ji, it would be easy for u if you take help from Newapasa too in this matter. And, there are other guys like Bohara, prasid and many more. good luck bro.
  18. PAKis won and I like them winning. But, I do not understand them sending Afridi in no. 6 position in Twenty20 game too!
  19. appreciating works from Prashad and plz, co-ordinate with others to give it full swing.
  20. i love Prshant's voice. So Melodious(SURILO). yeah, he lacks training/we see that. But he is DAMN good for Indian Idol. Have you watched American Idol? If only votes can save, SANJAYA Malakar would be AI, but he isn't. Yes, votes play certain role, not ALL. I am going to Delhi and surely VOTE for Prashant.
  21. Thanks Rayan. I have just installed iCall for my family here in Nepal. Hope they will enjoy the unlimited talks when I will go to Canada. Ani, timi ka thiyau yatro din? ke cha timro? And, one more, Congratulation, FOLK, Congratulation!!! Do u understand, why am I saying?
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