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  1. Yadav sir I would like to register my name as a participant for the workshop. will we have pay for participating in the program ? Please register additional one seat for my friend. Deepak Bhattarai Prakash Khadka Thank you.
  2. Dulal ! I liked your pictures.This one is most fav of mine.A locak cock! Rocking ur town.Hey you too keep on rocking!
  3. Guys form WNSO Bangladesh ! how'z going on? Congratulation.
  4. Chamatkaribaba has raised an excellent idea ! i really appreciate. WNSO Nepal Please go on we are always with you. I hope in near future WNSO Nepal will be counted as an information Centre for all the Nepalese Students as it's already been a well platform for students enhance their career. Just explore your potentiality.Wishing you all the best. Deepak.
  5. ke ho tilak ji,, Nikai hattar chha jasto chha ni. Presedent ko lagi vacancy khuleko chha re ni ki timi hami pani..............jane ki ?? hahaha
  6. ho ra !! Ha Ha Kasto non stop dance party ho jasto cha sita Jee . dipesh bro pani ta dance garne hola ni sita G ! are you still Dancing with your sum1 spcl?::
  7. Yesari nai political Prties haru chair ko lagi Dog fight gari rahe bhane Yes ko solution khojna "Nagarjun" tira gaye kaso hola !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
  8. Brother you are also scholar in your field . A great laughter, that he is Dr Sap Pet michi michi nahaseko dherai bho bhaney ko ? kaha Gayeb ? Go to Joke Section .
  9. Hey Bad Luck guy ! Don worry Be happy Have fun. Deepak.
  10. Ds17

    Adult Jokes

    On the first night: Husband: Is it really ur first night? Wife: No... No...Actually it is first time at night.
  11. Hey Crazy guys . Eager to join. Let's start dancing. especially congratulation Sita G. Deepak
  12. Very Nice Jokes .Thanks for sharing. Deepak
  13. It's great ! Sanjeeb sir .Party kahile hune ho? Deepak.
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