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  1. Dear friends of Chautari Forum and WNSO, I am happy to introduce myself here with you all friends. I have found that this is a nice forum for idea sharing, good networking and learning. Thank you for the beginners. I am interested to share something with you friends. I am a student of Tribhuvan University, Nepal and had just completed my bachelors in Sociology and Anthropology. At the same time, I applied for a study abroad program in Switzerland though World Learning (www.worldlearning.org) SIT study abroad program. I am selected for the 'Development Studies and Public Health' program in Switzerland for fall 2008 semester. The program is little bit costly for the middle class Nepalese like myself. The program cost is about $24,000 for 4 months stay in Switzerland which includes everything. Therefore, I am looking for the scholarship or assistance from any organizations, companies or individuals that covers certain percentage of my program costs. I would be pleased if someone would show me the best possible options for receiving the scholarship or assistance from somewhere. I would be much much grateful if i find someone who could support me in this respect. I quest for the ideas and options from the scholars of this forum. I look forward to hear from you all. Thank you, Regards, Tulsi Giri kathmandu, Nepal
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