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  1. If you want collect the information regarding study in UK like why and to whom the land is suitable to stay and study, how to choose right college, how to go for visa success and so many even related to United Kigdom Border Agency (UKBA) rules and regulation, meet Mr. Darren Windsor, Principal of LONDON COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP in Kathmandu during 21 - 25th NOV 2010 at Hotel Mustang Holiday INN Jyatha, Thamel- for the first time in Nepal. For appointment and other information you can even call at 9813189848 or 9841700716. Thank you
  2. Dear Friends, Post your poetry, if your poetry got selected, you will find sooner printed version of it in your hand. Thanks
  3. Dear Friends, Post your poetry, if your poetry got selected, you will find sooner printed version of it in your hand. Thanks
  4. One of my brother has got opportunity for his further study and other practical learning aspects in USA for Feb2010. He has got scholarship for three months. The mode of enrollment is J1 , not student visa like F1. But he has no idea about visa processing for J1. whether he need to show the balance or any financial documents in embassy or not. And what type of question is asked in interview. If you have any idea please inform me (if possible)and post it as soon as possible. gentle.smile1984@gmail.com
  5. Opportunity for BScMltJul 21 Welcome Center BScMlt,a 3yr course is available for Nepali students in central medical institutions of India like JIPMER and PGIMER.Students have to sit for entrance examination after applying through the Indian Embassy.There are special quotas for Nepali students.The academic fee and the cost of fee is minimal though it is not an scholarship. So far JIPMER is concerned, 3 students have turned out for the course last year.Students can further do their masters in various courses like biochemistry,anatomy,physiology under reputed institutions of India like AIIMS.Further, after completing the course they can work as lab assistants in various reputed hospitals of Nepal with good salary or even health NGOs and INGOs which pay higher. For further information, contact: Suresh Thapaliya 0919952460965 Pondicherry
  6. yes kaha ke pain6 vannai garho tapai ta baru ali yo satya thah paunu va rai 6
  7. WOW HOW SWEETY,,... REALLYvery very engraved msessage "With thou touch dead soul shall rise again. and with thou kiss wish no more for heaven". Keep it up very nice... expecting to see more and more
  8. Rajesh Kr. Pathak


    wow wonderful.... hey come up with more and more
  9. yes, i am 100 and 10 percent agree with your dream and hope to see in reality.
  10. ya Yadav ji WNSO is about to fly in sky and you are following, hope every one will follow one day with in few years
  11. This is the age of Post-democratic era... so its nice too that subaltern groups are supported to come in main stream...very nice lesson for world and one handslamp on Hillary's chick...
  12. It seems reallly as if The petitioners said the tax is unjustifiable and should be revoked. It also says the tax is against the constitutional provision that guarantees free education up to secondary level to every citizen.. But policy for fee structure and services that even private schools can make for social benifit shold be onsidered well.
  13. jokes are good but friens , it would be better if you also be concious regarding the bscenity. however this much is acceptable not go veyond it... or write jokes of indirect impression if you have such jolkes
  14. requested to the chautari members to inform others orally as well about the vacancy.
  15. yes originality of band ids declinig vecause of artist tiking their hands out from the band
  16. yes please hit the orgnization and chautari. and abone ideas are highly appreciable...yes we mus pave some time for chautari and really sprit carried by wbso bangaladesh is highly appreciable..
  17. yes Wnso members nust help him. We would also be able to make other realize how wnso is supportive to the people world wide.
  18. controveries in life, where aims clashes and and art from inner spirit leads to emotion and produced... words becomes means of reaveiling the supression
  19. I have some personal--family related works here..in Delhi..Yes i got few good nepalese friend and even got good company and help from them.. But they were not introuduced well about wnso. I provided them information about it..They will probably contact Rajib Dahal...
  20. Hi, Is there anyone dedicated member of WNSO r chautari , taking it with warmth of love nera by Delhi in India..... I am from kathmandu staying for few days in delhi. So if possible.... i will try to manage the time to meet you ....here in Delhi and NCR... Please replyhelo sir nmskar
  21. Above mentioned, so kindly we have to take action more rapidly.
  22. We are happy to announce that WNSO-Nepal is going to publish profile, report and News letters.For that we appeal all our chautari members to post multiple types of articles and creativities. So that we can constitute them in the publication. Please help us with ur genuinity. Thank You. Regards WNSO-Nepal
  23. उत्तर अमेरिकमा WNSO गठन Solidarity Nepal News Thursday, 31 July 2008 उत्तर अमेरिकामा रहेका नेपाली विद्यार्थीहरुले विश्व व्यापी विद्यार्थी संगठन(WNSO)को उत्तर अमेरिका कमिटी गठन गरेका छन्‍ । प्राप्त समाचार अनुसार सो संगठनको सभापतीमा रामजी भण्डारी(अमेरिका), उपसभापतिमा प्रदिप घिमिरे( क्यानडा), सचिवमा वेङटेस शर्मा(अमेरिका) र सदस्यहरुमा डम्बर थापा (क्यानडा), चक्र बलायर(क्यानडा), नारायण न्यौपाने( अमेरीका), शोमा केसी(अमेरिका), उत्तम कार्की(अमेरिका) र राजेश कोइराला हुनुहुन्छ । For further information it can be read under this link: http://solidaritynepal.org/new/index.php?o...4&Itemid=33
  24. wondrful poetry. Life experience at emotional level and physical level has well been balanced. very good plz let us taste such sweet poetry in coming days too. Keep it up
  25. Yes chmatkari baba, some times philosophy and virtuous dialogues make us feel bitter towardsownself when we judge oyr self with that satandpoint. But, at the dsame time when we dont find the speaker being follower of his own words that makes us angry feeling that how pretentious and hypocritic the world is. So, i think, first plan and simplyproject what been planed or being planned under process step by step and then only speak through experience.If one is not loyal for his own words, dont at leat mis use your intellect, thinking cabillity to misguide other. Those pretetious personality always keep themselves at centre of universev and try to judge other without knowing about ownself and easily try to become great infront of others... so such hypiocrity doesnot support for life rather make us fall in confusion and dillemma...so avoid how, how much to leran from how many. Better do ur self follow a acceptable attitude to all and truimph over ownself is better ,,..... is nt it so? its my view only to live my own life if any own take it with will be granted only not intentional../
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