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  1. Cool, thanks for the advice I'm gonna try it out later on! I already made some smoked tomato & chilli dipping sauce
  2. Cool What spices do should I be using? Ginger, garlic & chilli? missing any?
  3. Dhanyabad! Ma ali Nepali bolchhu (I think I just said "Thankyou! I dont speak much Nepali" ? Lol...Did I get that right? Trying to learn some Nepali for when I go on Holiday hehe)
  4. Hehe if you ask me - the idea of voting one girl from WNSO as queen is silly, in my opinion every single asian girl in here deserves the title of Queen! Every single person, regardless of race or creed is beautiful in their own way, but there are few things more pleasing to the eye than a brown skinned female! Maybe some people will misunderstand this & think I'm just trying to chat people up, but thats not my intention - I'm just some random white guy, trying to inject a little peace & understanding into the world, one post at a time "LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS" - Bob Marley.
  5. Hiya noreen, I'm probably even newer to this site than you are, but I'll welcome you here too anyway Greetings from sunny (ok rainy) Scotland!
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, just thought I'd say hi, also I was wondering if anybody could help me translate some stuff from english to nepali?? I wanna write a letter to my girlfriend in her mother tongue...Sort of our anniversary & I wanna make her feel special Also can anybody share the secret of how to cook good momo's with me? An old friend used to make them sooooo goood, but I forgot the recipe!
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